Canada police: Man kills eight people before taking own life

Edmonton City Police Chief Rod Knecht speaks about multiple homicides that took place at different scenes over night in Edmonton, Alberta, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014.
A man with a lengthy criminal record killed six adults and two young children before taking his own life in Edmonton, Alberta, in what the police chief on Tuesday called the city's worst mass murder.
Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht told a news conference late Tuesday night that there was no suggestion of gang involvement and said the motive for the "senseless mass murder" appears to have been "planned and deliberate" domestic violence.
Knecht did not release the name of the suspect, but said the man was well-known to police and had a criminal record dating back to September 1987.
Cindy Duong, 37, was fatally shot in a home in south Edmonton on Monday, while two men and three women between the ages of 25 and 50, and a girl and a boy — both under the age of 10 — were found dead a few hours later at a home in the northeast.
Investigators have determined the 9 mm handgun used to kill Duong was a registered weapon that had been stolen in Surrey, British Columbia, in 2006.
The body of a victim is carried out of a north Edmonton home in Edmonton, Alberta, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014.

The body of a victim is carried out of a north Edmonton home in Edmonton, Alberta, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014.
The suspect was found dead by his own hand in a restaurant in the Edmonton bedroom community [commuter town] of Fort Saskatchewan on Tuesday morning.
Autopsies will be conducted on Thursday.
Duong's body was found around 7 p.m. Monday when police responded to a report of a man entering the south-side home, opening fire and fleeing, Knecht said. Investigators have determined the 9 mm handgun used to kill Duong had been stolen in Surrey, British Columbia, in 2006.
An hour and a half later, officers responded to reports of a suicidal man at a northeast residence in a quiet cul de sac, the same home where the suspect had been arrested in November 2012 and charged with domestic and sexual assault. Family members reported in the call that the man was "depressed and over-emotional."

When officers arrived, no one answered the door, Knecht said. They searched the exterior of the home but found nothing overtly suspicious and did not go inside.
"We can't just arbitrarily go into that residence," explained the chief.
Hours later police were contacted by a second person and returned to the residence. When they went inside, they found a scene of carnage with seven bodies.
Neighbor Moe Assiff said he saw officers come out and talk to a woman sitting with a man in a white car outside the house.
"She just let out a hysterical scream. It was eerie," Assiff said. "She was screaming about her kids: 'My kids! The kids!,' grabbing her hair and trying to pull her hair out. The cops then ushered her down the road into a police cruiser."
The suspect's body was found hours later at the VN Express Asian restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan after police brought in tactical-team officers, surrounded the area and reportedly smashed through the front of the restaurant with a vehicle.
Knecht said the suspect had a business interest in the restaurant, but would not say if he was the owner.
Outside the restaurant, police found a parked black SUV that they say was seen near the location of the first shooting in southwest Edmonton.
The body of a victim is carried out of a north Edmonton home in Edmonton, Alberta, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014.

The body of a victim is carried out of a north Edmonton home in Edmonton, Alberta, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014.
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice said in a statement that he trusts the police investigation will provide answers as people struggle to understand what happened.
"In this season of peace and goodwill, this act of violence is all the more difficult to comprehend. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those involved at this very difficult time. May they find strength in knowing that Albertans share in their loss."
At their game Tuesday night, the Edmonton Oilers paused for a moment of silence out of respect for the victims.
In Edmonton, a city of 878,000 people, mass murders are extremely rare. Knecht said the case was the worst mass killing in the city since at least 1956, when six people were murdered.
John Etter Clark, a provincial politician who served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for four years, killed his wife, son, three daughters and an employee of their family farm before taking his own life in 1956. Clark had been suffering from frequent nervous breakdowns in the years before the killings.

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Three more bodies pulled from AirAsia Flight 8501 crash site

ABAYA, INDONESIA - DECEMBER 30: Relatives of passengers on AirAsia flight QZ 8501 react to the breaking news of debris and bodies being found on December 30, 2014.
Three more bodies were pulled from the Java Sea on Wednesday, including one wearing a flight attendant uniform. The discovery followed the retrieval Tuesday of three bodies from the debris site of AirAsia Flight 8501.
After a three day search in the aqua waters off Indonesia for the 162 victims, debris was first spotted Tuesday by a search team not far from where the plane dropped off the radar screen. Searchers found bodies, a life jacket, an emergency exit door, a suitcase and other small items about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the plane's last known coordinates.
The bodies pulled from the site so far include three males and three females, one of which is the flight attendant, the chief of Indonesia's Search and Rescue Agency Henry Bambang Soelistyo told local media.
The water where the victims and debris were discovered is the Karimata Strait, which is clear and relatively shallow at 65 to 100 feet (20 to 30 meters). First Adm. Sigit Setiayanta, commander of the Naval Aviation Center at Surabaya Air Force base, told reporters the six corpses were spotted about 100 miles (160 kilometers) from Central Kalimantan province.

Commander of Indonesian Air Force 1st Operational Command Rear Marshall Dwi Putranto, center, shows the airplane parts and a suitcase found floating on the water near the site where AirAsia Flight 8501 disappeared.
The search agency told local media Wednesday sonar imagery appears to show the aircraft upside down on the ocean floor less than two miles (3.5 kilometers) from the debris field. It follows reports Tuesday of the spotting of a shadow consistent with a plane in the shallow water.
CNN reports a search official, who goes by the single name Hernato, said it is unclear whether the aircraft is in one piece or broken apart on the floor of the Java Sea.
Day four of the search and retrieval effort is being hampered by high winds and strong currents while heavy rain grounded the search helicopters.
"We are in a wait and see. Weather is bad currently. High tides and heavy rains. Every element is now in their position ready to make a move when weather improves," Soelistyo said.
Images of the debris and a bloated body shown on Indonesian television Tuesday sent a spasm of anguish through the room at the Surabaya airport where relatives awaited news about their missing loved ones.

Family members react to the discovery of the debris and bodies in the Java Sea.
When TV broadcast an image of a half-naked man floating in the water, a shirt partially covering his head, many of the family members screamed and wailed uncontrollably. One middle-aged man collapsed and had to be carried out on a stretcher.
"I know the plane has crashed, but I cannot believe my brother and his family are dead," said Ifan Joko, who lost seven family members, three of them children, as they traveled to Singapore to ring in the new year. "We still pray they are alive."

Family members grieve as they receive the news about the debris discovery.
About 125 family members were planning to travel Wednesday to Pangkalan Bun to start identifying their loved ones. Body bags and coffins have been prepared at three hospitals there, while 75 ambulances are on standby at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya to transport bodies to hospital for forensics and DNA identification, according to Channel News Asia.
The airliner's disappearance halfway through a two-hour flight between Surabaya, Indonesia, and Singapore triggered an international search for the aircraft involving ten countries, dozens of planes, ships and helicopters. A number of elite military divers also joined the search in the shallow water.
It is still unclear what brought the plane down, yet weather is thought to have played a factor due to the final request to air traffic control by the pilot to change course. Once the plane is located and its cockpit voice and flight data recorders, or black boxes, are recovered officials can start determining what caused the crash.
AirAsia group CEO Tony Fernandes, the airline's founder and a constant presence in Indonesia since the tragedy started unfolding, said he planned to travel to the recovery site on Wednesday and is working with airports and hospitals to prepare for the bodies of the victims.
"I have apologized profusely for what they are going through," he said of his contact with relatives. "I am the leader of this company, and I have to take responsibility. That is why I'm here. I'm not running away from my obligations."
Malaysia-based AirAsia's loss comes on top of the still-unsolved disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March with 239 people aboard, and the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in July over Ukraine, which killed all 298 passengers and crew.

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Fake Android 'The Interview' app steals bank account details

A scene from The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.
The Interview, a highly controversial movie that was pulled from major cinemas and distributed mostly online (and only in the U.S.), sounds like a dream come true for scammers.
It is no wonder, then, that a fake Android app has been making the rounds in South Korea, promising to download a copy of the movie but actually stealing users' bank account details instead.
McAfee's security researcher Graham Cluley shared the details about the app in a blog post Saturday. The fake app is really an Android trojan identified by McAfee as Android/Badaccents, which targets customers of several Korean banks and one international bank (Citibank).
Android Badaccents

Fake Android app that offers users a download of The Interview is actually a trojan, stealing their bank account details.
Interestingly enough, the trojan is specifically programmed not to target North Korean users.
According to Cluley, some 20,000 devices have been infected to date.
The Interview, a Sony Pictures comedy about an assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has been pulled from major cinemas after a devastating hack attack on Sony, as well as the hackers' threat of a 9/11-type event for moviegoers who choose to see the premiere.
The movie has raked in $15 million from online distribution in the first couple of days since its release, but it has also been a huge hit on torrent sites.

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10 food trends that dominated in 2014

If in the last year you've slurped ramen, guzzled beer cocktails and stuffed your face with donuts, your food choices were on-trend for 2014.
Restaurants and home cooks alike brought back old favorites like refreshing punches, and and took up trickier hobbies, like sausage making.
HDT reached out to chefs from the Institute of Culinary Education for a closer look at the year's biggest food trends. Plus, they shared recipes so you can carry these trends into the New Year. 

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Dame Kristin Scott Thomas and Sir John Hurt among New Year's Honours list

British actress Kristin Scott Thomas is among the actors, writers, politicians and charity workers recognised in the New Year's Honours list 2015.
LONDON — Actors, politicians, writers and sporting heroes are among the 1,164 people honoured by the Queen on the New Years Honour's list 2015.
Joan Collins and Kristin Scott Thomas have been made dames and John Hurt has received a knighthood. Emily Watson has been made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), as have James Corden and Sheridan Smith from Gavin & Stacey.
Fashion designer Mary Quant, former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown, broadcaster Esther Rantzen and Oscar-nominated screenwriter William Nicholson, whose work includesMandela: Long Walk To Freedom and Gladiator, have all been recognised.
Ceramic artist Paul Cummins and theatre designer Tom Piper, who created the poppy installation 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' at the Tower of London, have both been made Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).
The ceramic poppy art installation by artist Paul Cummins entitled 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' in the dry moat of the Tower of London.

The ceramic poppy art installation by artist Paul Cummins entitled 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' in the dry moat of the Tower of London.

A guide to the honours system

The UK honours system is overseen by the Cabinet Office Honours and Appointments Secretariat, and honours are awarded to UK nationals or citizens from the 15 Commonwealth realms, such as Australia and Canada, on merit, for exceptional achievement or service.
Honorary awards for foreign nationals are recommended by the foreign secretary.
Nominations are submitted by the public or government departments, assessed by committees, and then past onto the Queen for approval. After this point, letters are sent to each nominee and once they have accepted, the list is formally approved.
Some have famously rejected or returned their awards, including John Lennon, Danny Boyle and David Bowie.
Commonly awarded ranks include Companion of Honour, Knights, Dames, Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).
Joan Collins arrives at the 2014 Carousel Of Hope Ball on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014. She was honoured in this year's list.

Joan Collins arrives at the 2014 Carousel Of Hope Ball on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014. She was honoured in this year's list.
Dame Joan Collins was also made an OBE for contribution to the arts in 1997. She said of this year's nod that she was "thrilled and grateful."
Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, who is lined up to plan the Queen on stage in The Audience, also said she was "thrilled", as well as "astonished and worried that I might suddenly wake up."
Other dames include broadcaster and founder of the Childline charity Esther Rantzen, Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, and fashion designer Mary Quant.
Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Paddy Ashdown was appointed a member of the elite Companions of Honour.
Athletes honoured include Women's Rugby World Cup winners Sarah Hunter and Rochelle Clark (who both received MBEs), champion runner Steve Cram (CBE) and Fauja Singh, the 103-year-old marathon runner, who collected a British Empire Medal.
24-year-old youth broadcaster Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV, was awarded an MBE.
Screenwriter William Nicholson collected an OBE.

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Pussy Riot unveils video in support of Russian opposition leader

The Russian punk protest group Pussy Riot has released a new music video ahead of a Moscow protest planned for Tuesday in support of Kremlin critic and opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
In the video, “The Witches of Pussy Riot Clean Manezhka,” Maria Alekhina and Nadya Tolokonnikova, the controversial group's two best known members, trade in their balaclavas for makeup, evening gowns and broomsticks as they sweep up the square near the Kremlin where demonstrators are set to gather as the verdict is read on Tuesday.
The video for the song which repeats the words “Clean. Honest. Word. Deed.” ends with the women, along with opposition activist Maria Baronova and LGBT activist Elena Kostyuchenko, flying off into the night.

Navalny, a staunch critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, faces 10 years in prison on fraud charges his supporters say is punishment for his political activities. A Moscow court is set to rule in the case at 9 a.m. local time on Tuesday. His brother, Oleg, faces similar charges and up to eight years imprisonment. Both men have denied the charges.
With more than 99 percent of criminal cases in Russia ending in guilty verdicts, the ruling seems a foregone conclusion. Supporters of the Navalny brothers on Monday hurried to organize a mass public rally for Tuesday evening in Moscow. More than 15,000 people have signed up through a Facebook event page for the demonstration.
Russian authorities, seemingly hell bent on keeping the demonstration from happening, have already brought in police forces to Manezhnaya Square.

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Putin critic Alexei Navalny given suspended sentence in fraud case as brother jailed

Brothers Alexei (left) and Oleg Navalny share a moment in the Moscow courtroom on Tuesday, Dec. 30 where they were found guilty of embezzlement.
Alexei Navalny, the charismatic Russian opposition leader and Kremlin critic who exposed high-level corruption, has been found guilty of embezzlement from French cosmetics company Yves Rocher and handed a 3.5 year suspended jail term.
A Moscow court handed down the ruling Monday morning local time. Meanwhile, his brother, Oleg, received 3.5 years of hard time in a Russian prison in a move Navalny and his supporters likened to "hostage taking."
The verdict was originally scheduled to be read on Jan. 15, but it was moved forward to Tuesday “because the verdict is already ready,” a spokesperson for the court said on Monday.
The brothers have denied the charge that they stole 30 million rubles ($526,000) from a French cosmetics giant Yves Rocher. The company has also said no crime had been committed against it by the men. They, as well as their supporters, say the case is punishment for Navalny's political activity.
Oleg Navalny

Oleg Navalny is placed in a holding cell inside the courtroom after being sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.
Prosecutors in Moscow had asked the court earlier to move up the date on Navalny's case and to sentence him to 10 years in prison, an unusually harsh sentence for a financial crime.
With a guilty ruling seemingly a forgone conclusion (more than 99% of criminal cases in Russia end in guilty verdicts), Navalny's wife on Monday began stocking up on food for prison.
Navalny, who was previously found guilty of embezzlement in a separate case and has been under house arrest since February, seemed prepared to go to prison.
Inside the courtroom Tuesday morning, he appeared relaxed, snapping selfies with his wife and joking with media right up to the moment when the court began reading its ruling.
As the verdict was read inside the Moscow courtroom, Navalny's supporters and reporters gathered outside. His supporters had called for a public rally in Moscow on Jan. 15, the date originally scheduled for the verdict in his case.
On Monday they worked hurriedly to organize a mass protest for Tuesday following the ruling. A Facebook event page saw more than 15,000 people promise to turn out at short notice.
"We have no choice, we need to come out tomorrow and show how numerous we are," the rally's organizer wrote on Facebook on Monday.
The Russian punk protest group Pussy Riot released a new music video ahead of the Navalny verdict urging people to take to the streets in support of the anti-corruption activist and popular blogger.
The verdict hadn't been read before police in riot gear began rounding up protesters.
While the guilty verdict wasn't a surprise, the decision to send his brother Oleg to jail was unexpected. As the judge read the ruling aloud, Navalny lashed out.
“Aren’t you ashamed of what you are doing?” he asked the court and judge Yelena Korobchenko. “Why are you putting him [Oleg] in prison? To punish me even harder?”
While Oleg was jailed immediately, awaiting transfer to prison, Navalny's lawyer said he would be released from house arrest as soon as the verdict comes into effect.
Navalny's house arrest for a separate conviction last year, which critics also decry as a sham, is set to end in February.
While police bolstered their presence on the streets of Moscow on Tuesday, supporters promised on Facebook to still hold a protest on Manezhnaya Square in front of the Kremlin on Tuesday evening.

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