Fox Host: 'Do We Really Want Everybody Voting? I Don’t Think So!' (VIDEO)

"Do we really want everybody voting?" Tantaros said during a discussion of the issue. "I don’t think so!"
The "Outnumbered" crew was up in arms after Obama told a Cleveland audience that "it would be transformative if everybody voted."
"If you’re not engaged enough to vote, please don’t," co-host Melissa Francis said earlier in the segment. "Stay home."
Meanwhile, co-host Harris Faulkner argued that mandatory voting would be un-American because soldiers “fought for our right to decide for ourselves."
“I don’t understand where the President falls on this: Is he against freedom?" she asked.
Co-host Kirsten Powers confessed when she was younger and encountered unfamiliar ballot items, she would "randomly pick" what to vote for, before determining that "you shouldn’t be voting if you aren’t informed about everything you’re voting for."
She called Obama's comments "a little authoritarian."
Watch below via Fox News:

Fox Host: 'Do We Really Want Everybody Voting... bởi talkingpointsmemo

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Watch Santorum Respond To Question On 'Communist Dictator' Obama

"Why is the Congress rolling over and letting this communist dictator destroy my country?" she asked Santorum. "You all know what he is, and I know what he is. I want him out of the White House. He's not a citizen. He could have been removed a long time ago."
She later mentioned that "Obama tried to blow up a nuke in Charleston a few months ago."
Santorum appeared confused and uncomfortable throughout her question, and someone had to cut her off so that Santorum could respond.
"I’m not a sitting member of the Senate, so I’m not taking blame for any of that stuff," he began, before voicing his opposition to Obama's executive actions on immigration.
"You hit on one point that I absolutely agree: this is a complete lack of leadership," he said.
Santorum said that "the word 'tyrant' comes to mind and claimed that the Constitution is "unraveling."
Watch the clip via Right Wing Watch:

Watch Santorum Respond To Question On... bởi talkingpointsmemo

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Reagan Library Curator: Scott Walker Is More Reagan-y Than I Said

The potential 2016 presidential contender has always been fond of comparing himself to Reagan. Recently, he likened his push to limit public sector employee's collective bargaining rights to the late President's contentious air traffic controller union-busting in the 1980s. But his penchant for all things Reagan can also border on the superstitious: Walker drew attention to the fact that his 2012 recall election victory coincided with the anniversary of the former President's death, and that his own wedding anniversary falls on Reagan's birthday.
The governor shared the story about holding the Bible at a 2013 Reagan Day Dinner in Milwaukee, according to the magazine The Progressive. He recalled visiting with Nancy Reagan at her Bel Air home before a speaking engagement at the Reagan Library in November 2012, months after the governor survived a recall election.

Reagan Library Curator: Scott Walker Is More... bởi talkingpointsmemo
"One of the other great privileges I had -- that was unbeknownst to me that they had set up -- was we came around the corner on the tour, before I gave a speech in front of about a thousand people at the library,” Walker said. “The curator there had -- I see him and he's got white gloves and he's got something in his hand.”
“They brought over a pair of white gloves to me and they said, 'No one has touched this since President Reagan. It’s his mother's Bible that he took the oath of office on. Mrs. Reagan would like you to hold it and take a picture with it,’” he continued to applause.
The Progressive got in touch with Jennifer Torres, an artifacts curator at the library, to fact-check Walker’s account for a story published last week.
Torres told the magazine by email that Walker had actually been the one who requested to hold the Bible when he visited the library for his speech. The wording of her response also suggested that Walker had made the request prior to traveling to California for the engagement.
“We decided to remove the Bible the day Gov. Walker was in town to comply with his request, took the Bible back to collections after the photo, and re-installed it on exhibit a few days later,” she wrote.
Torres also told the magazine that many members of the library’s staff had come in contact with the Bible, contradicting Walker’s statement that a curator had told him he was the first person to hold it since Reagan himself.
But Torres recanted some of those statements Monday, after the Associated Press picked up on the conflicting accounts of Walker's visit.
While Torres said Walker's advance team did inquire about an opportunity for the governor to view the Bible, the governor was genuinely surprised when he got to hold it himself, according to the report.
"It was the Reagan Foundation's request to actually pull the Bible from the case and allow Gov. Walker to hold the Bible," Torres told the AP. "It was not Gov. Walker nor his team's idea to request that we remove it from the case or take a picture of the governor with it."
Whether Nancy Reagan gave library staff a direct order to remove the Bible for Walker’s visit is a murkier matter, however.
The Reagan Foundation is a non-profit established by the late President, while the library is a branch of the National Archives. A Reagan Foundation spokeswoman told the AP that Walker probably thought the former first lady had pulled strings for him because her chief of staff had to give permission for the Bible to be removed from its display.
"She knew Mrs. Reagan would also like the idea and we shared that with him," spokeswoman Melissa Giller told the AP in an email. "We aren't sure how the other story got out (that it was his idea), and we feel badly about it because nothing about it was his idea."
Torres had sent an email to Giller explaining that the whole dispute had been a "simple misunderstanding," according to the AP.
Walker's political organization, Our American Renewal, has refrained from getting into the particulars of Walker's visit.
"Gov. Walker was honored to speak at the Reagan Library and to hold his mother's Bible," Walker spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski told the AP. "He was and continues to be one of his heroes, a president for the ages that accomplished great things for our country."

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Dems On A Possible Trump 2016 Run: Everything Is Awesome!

In response to Trump's statement on Wednesday that he's planning on forming a presidential exploratory committee, DNC National Press Secretary Holly Shulman released a short statement that said "everything is awesome" with a link to the song in The Lego Movie:
Trump has repeatedly toyed with running for president before bowing out. He strongly floated running for president in 2012 as a Republican candidate before opting against it. He also dipped his toe into running in 2000, as an Independent candidate. Bloomberg Politics noted that in 2014, Trump also flirted with a possible gubernatorial run. That lasted three months before Trump opted against it.

Dems On A Possible Trump 2016 Run: Everything... bởi talkingpointsmemo

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Tattooed Neo-Nazi Named As Suspect In Deadly Arizona Shooting Spree

Following a manhunt that lasted hours, police took into custody a gunman who allegedly killed one person and wounded five others across multiple shooting scenes.
The Mesa Police Department has not released the suspect's name. But the Arizona Republic reported that anonymous police sources identified Ryan Eliot Giroux, 41, as the suspect in the shooting.

Tattooed Neo-Nazi Named As Suspect In Deadly... bởi talkingpointsmemo
Giroux was released from prison in 2013 after serving more than six years for attempted aggravated assault, according to records from the Arizona Department of Corrections. He had served two prior prison terms on burglary and marijuana charges.
Giroux also sports multiple face and neck tattoos, including eyebrow ink that reads "Skinhead" and an "88" on his left temple. The number is a code used for the Nazi salute "heil Hitler." In a news conference Wednesday, a spokesman for the Mesa Police Department described the suspect as a bald man with face and neck tattoos.
Retired Mesa Police Det. Matt Browning on Wednesday told the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog that he was familiar with Giroux. Browning identified Giroux as a member of the Hammerskin Nation, a racist skinhead group formed in the late 1980s.
Wade Page, the gunman in the 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, had notably belonged to the same group.
Browning told Hatewatch that Giroux was also affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist prison gang that dates back to the 1960s.

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Riot in Germany as Blockupy anti-austerity protest turns violent

Protesters torched a police car prior to the official opening of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.
Police cars have been set on fire, windows smashed and stones thrown at police and firefighters at a demonstration timed to coincide with the opening of the new European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt.
Anti-austerity protesters were gathering in the city under the #blockupy and #18M hashtags to demonstrate against the so-called "Troika" of the ECB, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund who oversee bailout packages in the eurozone.
Several thousand riot officers pursued what they said was a minority of violence-minded activists as the bulk of protesters conducted themselves peacefully ahead of a rally in the city's main square. Some blocked bridges across the Main River or streets. Police said one officer was injured by stones thrown near the city's Alte Oper opera house
So far 350 people have been detained, Frankfurt police said Wednesday morning.
German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported that 10,000 Blockupy protesters were expected to attend today's events.
Authorities have set up a security zone of barricades and barbed wire around the new ECB building.
Police cars were set on fire:
Smoke could be seen rising into the sky over the city:

Demonstrators hurled objects at police and firefighters:

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Tourists killed in Tunisian museum attack

Tunisian security forces secure the area after gunmen attacked Tunis' famed Bardo Museum on March 18, 2015.

At least Seven foreigners and one Tunisian are dead after an attack on a leading museum, according to the country's Interior Ministry.
Reports indicate that some hostages may still be held in the museum after gunmen stormed the building.
A Tunisian state news report said the shooting broke out around midday local time on Wednesday at the Bardo Museum, which is adjacent to the national Parliament building. The gunmen are reportedly still holding hostages in the building, though news outlet Tunisia 1 broadcast live video of some of the hostages being released.

Photos purportedly taken inside the museum show security forces responding to the scene. Based on other photos taken inside the building, several children seem to be in the museum at the time of the attack.

Tunisian radio station Radio Mosaique said that three men dressed in military-style clothing may have taken hostages inside the museum. The national museum is the oldest in the country and has long been a tourist attraction.
Video from the scene shows armed security forces attempting to enter the building.

The museum chronicles Tunisia's history and includes one of the world's largest collections of Roman mosaics.
Tunisia has struggled with violence by Islamic extremists since overthrowing a dictator in 2011, and is seen as the birthplace of the Arab Spring movement.
However the country made a successful transition to democracy with the first free and fair presidential election in 2014 that remained peaceful.

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WATCH: O'Reilly Says Obama 'Mucked Up' Iraq War 'Victory'

"ISIL is a direct outgrowth of al Qaeda in Iraq, that grew out of our invasion, which is an example of unintended consequences," Obama said. "We’ve got a 60-country coalition. We will slowly push back ISIL out of Iraq. I’m confident that will happen."
"Slowly is the key word there," O'Reilly said after playing a clip of Obama's interview with Vice. "As thousands of people are being slaughtered, the USA and other Western powers are acting slowly."
O'Reilly then launched into his history of the Iraq war, starting with the surge in 2007.
"When it ended, Iraq was a fairly stable situation," O'Reilly said. "Subsequently the Iraqi government totally blew it, persecuting the Sunni minority, leading to chaos and corruption."
O'Reilly said Obama made a "huge mistake" by removing combat troops from Iraq and criticized the president for saying that the rise of ISIL "was President Bush’s fault."
"While the Iraq War did indeed cost far too much blood and treasure for America, it was a victory until President Obama mucked it up," O'Reilly said. "If 10,000 U.S. forces had remained in Iraq, ISIS could not have achieved a foothold there, and Iran would not be running the show today."
Watch the clip via Media Matters:

WATCH: O'Reilly Says Obama 'Mucked Up' Iraq War... bởi talkingpointsmemo

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D’oh yeah! 'Simpsons’ fan recreates opening sequence in Minecraft

D’oh yeah! 'Simpsons’ fan recreates opening... bởi talkingpointsmemo

Minecraft released a Simpsons skin pack in late February, featuring Lisa, Bart, Homer, Marge and other favorite denizens of Springfield.
Now, YouTuber Bearly Regal has used those skins to recreate the famous opening sequence of the show, as well as a tour of the town, including looks inside Krusty Burger and Moe's Tavern.
But there are some limits to building with Minecraft cubes — we'll never know for certain what Bart is writing on that chalkboard. Maybe it's, "I will not spend my entire life on Minecraft."

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Syrian activists say chemical attacks killed 6 in Idlib province

A Syrian man walks next to houses attacked by a government forces airstrike in Sarmeen, in Idlib province, northern Syria, on July 4, 2014.
Syrian activists have accused the Assad regime of carrying out a chemical attack on the town of Sarmin in the northern province of Idlib on Monday.
Images and videos circulating on social media support this claim, though no official confirmation has been made.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that six people died from asphyxiation caused by some type of chemical attack. The groups says three children from one family were among the victims.
Dozens were purportedly treated for breathing issues. Disturbing videos described as showing the aftermath of the attack widely circulated on social media on Monday evening; the series of videos were uploaded on and dated March 16. Editor's note: The video footage below may be disturbing.

The Syrian Civil Defense Force, a volunteer group of rescue workers, shared the video above on its Twitter account, stating the footage was taken at one of its medical centers in Idlib. Other footage, which was too graphic to share here, showed the limp body of a toddler wearing a face mask and being tended to by doctors.
A Syrian military official in Damascus denied any government role in the attack and blamed it on anti-Assad rebels. "The army did not and will never use any internationally-prohibited weapon," the official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.
The main Western-backed opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition, said government helicopters dropped four "barrel bombs," two of which contained chlorine gas. It added that about 70 people suffered breathing problems.

"Unless the U.N. Security Council takes enforceable measures to ensure accountability, we would be fooling ourselves to believe that Assad will stop gassing innocent people in Syria," Coalition spokesman Salem al-Meslet said in a statement.
On Tuesday, local activist groups say the area was again struck in aerial attacks. Footage posted by the same activist group, which has consistently posted dozens of videos documenting attacks in Sarmin since 2012, shows images of metal drums that activists claim were used to carry chemical weapons.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest acknowledged that the White House was aware of the reports coming from social media during a press briefing on Tuesday but said he could not yet confirm the details.
Earnest said if the allegations were confirmed, they would be "only the latest example of the Assad regime’s atrocities against the Syrian people" citing the daily terror "through airstrikes, barrel bombings, arbitrary detention, torture, sexual violence, murder, starvation, and the use of chemical weapons" that the regime carries out.
"We continue to take all allegations of chemical weapons use, and in particular these recent allegations regarding the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon, very seriously, and we have long held that any credible allegations of chemical weapons use must be investigated," said Earnest.

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Michael Jordan: Champion athlete, professional cigar smoker

Michael Jordan is a man of many talents.
The basketball player, turned baseball player, turned golfer donned casual golfing attire Friday at the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitation in Las Vegas. In typical Jordan fashion, he was smoking a cigar right on the green.
When it came time for the sports star to tee off, he didn't hand off his cigar to his bag boy like some kind of wimp, Jordan just bit down on that sucker and took his swing like it was nothing.
It's not uncommon for Jordan to hit the green with a cigar in his mouth. In fact, sometimes the champ prefers two cigars at the same time.
Here he is in 2008, pulling the exact same move during the American Century Championship in Stateline, Nevada.

Michael Jordan


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Female Fox Host: Hillary Clinton Is Waging 'War On Men' (VIDEO)

A panel on Fox's "Outnumbered" was discussing whether Clinton's decision to "play the woman card" would help or hurt her likely 2016 presidential campaign. The former secretary of state had spoken out Monday via Twitter against Congressional Republicans who threatened to delay the nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general and slipped an anti-abortion clause into a human trafficking bill that previously had bipartisan support.

"She's waging a war on men," panelist Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery argued on the Fox show. "While she's trying to gather the women's vote, there's a bunch of dudes sitting around going 'Hey wait a second, I'm just trying to get a job, pay my mortgage and support my family. She's completely against me and my kind.'"
"I didn't want it to be about gender at all, but she's making it divisive," Kennedy added.
Fox host Harris Faulkner concurred.
"An extension to what you're saying, Kennedy, is some of these women are with those men," Faulkner said. "Maybe they don't need a champion that looks just like them. They need a champion that will treat everybody fairly -- so if they're with these men that also need jobs, everybody wins."
Oddly enough, it was the "One Lucky Guy" on the "Outnumbered" panel who argued that Hillary's focus on women's issues wasn't a weakness.
"I think the women's stuff and the arguments she's gonna make on that front are gonna help her, net-net," guest Guy Benson said. "I think the problem is she's just not a particularly likable person. She is a much worse liar than her husband. So she's vulnerable, but I don't think it will be because of the 'girl power' thing."

Watch below:

Female Fox Host- Hillary Clinton Is Waging 'War On Men' (VIDEO) by Kati Trang

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Ted Cruz On Whether He 'Terrified' A Little Girl: I'm Not 'Freddy Krueger' (VIDEO)

In a Monday appearance on NBC's "Late Night," host Seth Meyers asked Cruz about a viral clip of the senator speaking at an event in New Hampshire.
"The Obama economy is a disaster. Obamacare is a train wreck and the Obama-Clinton foreign policy of leading from behind -- the whole world's on fire," Cruz tells the audience in the clip, prompting a young girl to call out "The world is on fire?"
Cruz noted that many media outlets covered the video with headlines like "Cruz terrifies little girl."
"By the end of it I was Freddy Krueger," he told Meyers. "I had the fingernails, it was terrible. The funny thing is it's not true."
Cruz said he'd spoken by phone with the girl's mother, who had appeared on a Boston talk radio show earlier Monday to defend him. He said the woman told him her daughter was "incredibly happy."
Meyers later used Cruz's "world's on fire" comment to pivot to the subject of climate change.
"I think the world's on fire, literally. Hottest year on record," Meyers said. "But you're not there yet, right?"
"My view actually is simple: debates on this should follow science and should follow data," Cruz responded. "Many of the alarmists on global warming, they got a problem because the science doesn't back them up."
Cruz argued that satellite data going back 17 years shows there's been "zero" warming. But that argument appears to stem from a flawed 2011 study that gained traction among climate change skeptics when Forbes covered it under the headline "New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism."
Watch below:

Ted Cruz On Whether He 'Terrified' A Little Girl: I'm Not 'Freddy Krueger' (VIDEO) by HotGirl

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Megyn Kelly Insists That State Dept. 'Stonewalling' Fox News On Hillary

"They are still stonewalling. They either don’t know whether she signed that OF-109 or they know and they won’t tell us," Kelly said Monday night.
The Fox host insisted that it must be easy for the State Department to find the form.
"You can’t tell me they don’t know," she said. "We’ve asked for two documents. Very simple. Yes or no? Do they exist?"
Kelly then played a clip of Democratic strategist James Carville suggesting on Sunday that Hillary Clinton didn't want Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) "rifling through her emails."
"The Kelly File" guest Judge Andrew Napolitano suggested that Carville's comment calls into question Clinton's claim that she used a personal email account for convenience.
"That reference to Louie Gohmert rifling through her emails is a reference to congressional oversight," Napolitano said.
Watch the clip:

Megyn Kelly Insists That State Dept. 'Stonewalling' Fox News On Hillary by HotGirl

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Obama: 'Disturbing' That Climate Denier Chairs Environmental Committee

Vice founder Shane Smith mentioned the incident to President Obama while discussing global warming.
"That's disturbing," Obama told Vice News.

Obama: 'Disturbing' That Climate Denier Chairs Environmental Committee by HotGirl

Obama added that Sasha and Malia have a better understanding of climate change than his generation does, and that he thinks that will eventually change politicians' beliefs on climate change.
"I guarantee you that the Republican party will have to change its approach to climate change because voters will insist upon it," he said.
He added that he "can't fault somebody" who is more concerned about gas prices than global warming.
"In some cases, though, you have elected officials who are shills for the oil companies or the fossil fuel industry, and there's a lot of money involved. Typically in Congress, the committees of jurisdiction, like the energy committees, are populated by folks from places that pump a lot of oil and pump a lot of gas," Obama said.
Smith also told the President that the top question Vice News received from readers was about the legalization of marijuana.
"First of all it shouldn't be young people's biggest priority," Obama said in response. "Let's put it in perspective. Young people, I understand this is important to you. But you should be thinking about climate change, the economy, jobs, war and peace. Maybe way at the bottom you should be thinking about marijuana."

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Missouri Lt. Guv: 'More Racism In The Justice Department' Than In Ferguson

"The whole blow up of this protest movement was based on the lie that never happened of 'hands up don’t shoot.' But it’s bad enough the protestors were behaving that way, but we have a right to expect more from the attorney general, the head of the Justice Department of the United States, and the president of the United States," Kinder responded on the "Steve Malzberg Show," according to a clip posted by Buzzfeed:

 "And instead what we got too often from them was incitement of the mob, and encouraging disorder in Ferguson, and disrupting the peaceable going-about of our daily lives in the greater St. Louis region."
Malzberg asked Kinder why he thought the Justice Department reacted that way.
"We’ve never seen a Department of Justice like this, staffed with radical, hard-left radical, leftist lawyers," Kinder said. "Many of them have spent most of their careers defending Black Panthers and other violent radicals."
Kinder said that there are "legitimate grievances" with the Ferguson Police Department, but that the city is implementing reforms.
Malzberg then asked Kinder if there is more racism in the Justice Department than in Ferguson.
"There is more racism in the Justice Department than there is in anywhere I see in the St. Louis area," Kinder said, noting that the St. Louis region has made progress. "It is the left. It is the Eric Holder and Obama-left and their minions who are obsessed with race, while the rest of us are moving on beyond it."

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Fox Host: Liberal Academics Using Snow Days To Eliminate Religious Holidays

Tantaros' comments were fueled by an Easton, Mass. school district that had to extend its school year to June 29 because of how much snow the Boston area received this year. In preparation for next year, the district chose to get rid of two Jewish holidays and a Christian holiday so the school year wouldn't have to be extended.
Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), who appeared as the show's "One Lucky Guy," helped Tantaros reach her conclusion by being the first to criticize liberals who, he said, were using the record snowfall to their advantage.
“Don’t let any good crisis go to waste, and if you want to take religion out of the public square, look at Boston, look at all the snow and say, ‘What a great reason. Now we can take these religious holidays out of our school system,'" Duffy said. “It’s using the crisis to the liberal benefit."
Tantaros agreed with Duffy's assessment.
“I think the congressman hit the nail on the head," she said. "This is what happens when liberal academic Boston meets ethnic Boston and I would love to be a fly on the wall at that parent teacher meeting listening to them go off about this."
“Take away from Presidents Day or go a little earlier in the summer or maybe even a Saturday,” Tantaros continued. “There’s other options but they don’t want those options. They would rather take away the religious holidays.”
"And by the way, New Year's Eve is not a religious holiday, so if they wanted to shorten even that up, now again it may disturb vacation but if that's the option then you don't have to touch a religious holiday," co-host Harris Faulkner said.
Watch the video below, courtesy of Raw Story:

Fox Host: Liberal Academics Using Snow Days To Eliminate Religious Holidays by HotGirl

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San Francisco Cops Investigated Over Texts: 'All N****** Must F****** Hang'

According to the paper, the four officers involved in the conversations were identified by several anonymous sources as Michael Robinson, Noel Schwab, Rain Daugherty and Michael Celis. All of the officers have reportedly been with the San Francisco Police Department for more than a decade. Two of the police officers have been disciplined for their behavior in the past, the Chronicle reported.
The paper reported that the four officers were texting and receiving messages from former SFPD Sgt. Ian Furminger, who was recently convicted on federal corruption charges.
SFPD Chief Greg Suhr told the paper on Saturday that he would try to get the officers fired for the text conversations.
“It makes me sick to my stomach to even have these guys around,” Suhr told the paper.
The text messages were discovered in a filing, made in federal court on Friday, against Furminger. According to the Chronicle, the text messages contained racist and homophobic slurs and were used by the prosecution to show that Furminger was a "virulent" racist and homophobe.
The racist texts reportedly referred to black people with the terms "monkey" and "animal" and used the n-word. According to the paper, officers texted "white power" to Furminger and in one text one of the officers wrote "All n-- must f-- hang."
Another text said: "Cross burning relieves blood pressure! I did the test myself!"
While still another read: "I am leaving it like it is, painting KKK on the sides and calling it a day."
In the texts, the term "half-breeds" was also used to describe black people and one of the officers reportedly wrote that they were "an abomination of nature."
Suhr told the Chronicle the FBI gave the SFPD the text messages last month and he immediately reassigned the officers to positions with no public contact. According to the paper, Suhr hoped to conclude the investigation within 30 days.

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Great-grandma skydives and swims with sharks for 100th birthday

Great-grandma skydives and swims with sharks for 100th birthday by HotGirl

So what did you do for your birthday this year?
Georgina Harwood celebrated her 100th year in style Saturday by skydiving in Cape Town, South Africa. Her friends and family joined her, watching safely from the ground.
After successfully jumping, the birthday girl celebrated her return to Earth with a bit of bubbly. You might say she's the coolest 100-year-old person that has ever lived, considering she started skydiving at age 92.
But wait — it gets better. Harwood continued her extreme birthday celebrations on Monday by taking a dip in a shark cage. She was joined by her close family, including her great grandson.
"I'm so glad I did it," Harwood said after swimming with the sharks. "I just can't compare it to anything else."
But the great grandmother made sure that she wasn't the complete center of attention during her birthday celebrations. She used the opportunity to help raise funds for the National Sea Rescue Institute, asking her party guests to donate to the institution in place of giving her gifts.
"What do you give an old lady? Chocolate? Whiskey? Scarves? I don't want them really," Harwood told The NSRI.

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Rescue workers saved a tiny puppy trapped inside a steel pipe

No life is too small for the rescue workers in Thailand, who worked tirelessly to save a small puppy trapped inside a narrow, steel pipe.
The workers first cut the wider end, then gently pushed the puppy back through the narrow piece where its head was stuck, applying soap first to make sure his fur wasn't caught.
After careful maneuvering while a crowd of people watched, the workers were finally able to get the little pup free, without any harm.
The puppy was left a little confused, but still wagging its happy tail in the end.

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'Son of the Congo' mesmerizes in telling NBA star's inspiring story

Serge Ibaka just might become your new favorite NBA player.
AUSTIN, Texas — "Let's take a selfie," Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka tells his eight-year-old daughter Raine as they sit on a patio early in the filmSon of the Congo. Raine stands behind her dad and plants a kiss on his cheek. Ibaka makes a goofy face and snaps a photo.
It's a sweet moment between the 25-year-old Ibaka and his young daughter — but also so much more, as the documentary that premiered at SXSW Interactiveon Saturday night reveals to powerful effect.
Ibaka didn't know Raine existed for the first five years of her life. His father in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, had begged family to keep her a secret from Ibaka. He wanted to reduce stress on the then-teenage basketball phenom after Ibaka left their poverty-stricken home to chase a pro hoops future in Europe. (Raine was conceived with a girlfriend before he left, but not born until after.)
Earlier in Ibaka's life, that same father had been imprisoned without charges for two years as their long-tortured former Belgian colony erupted in violence yet again. That absence helped send the future NBA star, whose mother had already passed away, to the streets of Brazzaville, where he spent many nights sleeping on the ground or in cars, often lacking for food and water.
All this and much more is revealed in Son of the Congo, which follows Ibaka on a trip home this past summer to tell his incredible story of escaping poverty and violence in Congo to become an NBA millionaire. The film is notable for a second reason, too, marking the first feature-length documentary produced by Grantland, the acclaimed ESPN-owned site founded by star columnist Bill Simmons in 2011.
The film is also a lifelong dream of Ibaka's.


Serge Ibaka shares a tender moment with his daughter back home in Congo.

"I always said to myself since I was young that if I make it to the NBA, I want young people to know my story, to know where I come from," Ibaka toldHDT in Austin after the premiere. "I want young people to see how far someone can come from nothing to become something, and to try it for themselves."
The final result is a stunning portrait of Ibaka's journey — remarkable, given that the project almost didn't happen at all.

'Make it how long it is'

Last year, a representative of Ibaka emailed Simmons' fan mailbag, which he doesn't check regularly, proposing a documentary project with Grantland. Simmons happened to catch this message though, and forwarded it along to David Jacoby, who manages much of the site's podcast and video content.
They determined the offer wasn't a prank, and got acclaimed documentary filmmaker Adam Hootnick to direct. It would make a nice short, they all initially figured, not unlike previous Grantland productions.
But they quickly realized otherwise.


Ibaka dances with relatives while on a trip home last summer.

"What a feature-length piece allowed us to do is really introduce Serge and to Congo and to Serge's past, as well as set up the significance of the things he's going through and doing and seeing there on the trip," Hootnick told HDTafter the premiere. "You just couldn't do all that in a short — you could do maybe one of those things."
The production, which runs about an hour, represents new ground for Grantland, but also shouldn't come as a total surprise. The site originally launched as a print-style home for the type of long-form feature writing that's tough to sustain on the web, standing as its own brand while backed by ESPN's massive budget and platform. Fast-forward a few years and Grantland has a host of podcasts,YouTube shows and even The Grantland Basketball Hour, which airs on ABC.
So does Son of the Congo mean we could see another feature-length Grantlanddoc soon? Jacoby indicated that's highly possible, but said nothing is in the works right now.
"People always ask, 'Well, how long is gonna be?,'" Jacoby said about the site's philosophy, following the film's premiere. "I always just say, 'Make it how long it is.' When we saw that this project was this length and this good, we decided to just go for it."

A jarring contrast of worlds


Young boys in Brazzaville now see Ibaka as a role model.

One of Hootnick's slickest film-making tricks in Son of the Congo is weaving in a second sub-narrative that follows a basketball-obsessed teenage boy from Brazzaville during Ibaka's trip home.
As powerful as seeing Ibaka visit family, speak Lingala and describe his own former hardship is, watching a young boy live much like Ibaka once did gives his past an immediacy that otherwise wouldn't exist. Like Ibaka did once upon time, the teenager plays on outdoor courts without shoes and struggles to make it under extremely tough circumstances.
But make no mistake, Ibaka is the star of this flick. His trip home provides no shortage of impacting moments.
In one scene, we see him wrestle with how to address a gathering of people asking for money at his door in Brazzaville. It's a tense situation full of aggression and poignancy at the same time. In another scene, we see him at a hospital as he fits hearing aids on a young girl who then listens to her mother's voice for the first time. In another, we see him glow with pride while driving past a billboard for The Ibaka Games, a basketball showcase he founded in Brazzaville to help young hoops hopefuls there gain the attention of foreign scouts.


Serge Ibaka, 25-year-old NBA star.

When Hootnick cuts to a game in last year's NBA playoffs — picture a booming announcer, bright lights, screaming fans, and so much glory — the shift is jarring. A middle ground of sorts comes when Ibaka unveils a once-decrepit court in Brazzaville that he paid to have refurbished.
"I'm still grateful for where I started," he tells a gathering of kids and officials in Brazzaville at the unveiling. "I can never forget it."
After the premiere's credits rolled in Austin on Saturday night, Ibaka was called up to the stage. The audience greeted him with a standing ovation.
Viewers, it seemed, had all reached a similar conclusion: While it's hard to watchSon of the Congo as a sports fan and not have Serge Ibaka become one of your favorite NBA players, it's impossible to watch as a human and not have him become one of your most-admired people.
How to watch: Son of the Congo will be available on beginning March 23; it will air on ESPN on April 17.

'Son of the Congo' mesmerizes in telling NBA star's inspiring story by HotGirl

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