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Dear sir or madam,


This is Rebecca form Kingkar Eco-Technologies Company, nice to know that you're interested in our HHO carbon cleaning machine.


Our amazing carbon cleaning machine only consumes water and electricity, it only takes 20 minutes to clean the carbon deposition in engine, and you can charge 80-120 USD per car per time for engine carbon cleaning.


High return with low cost, thus our carbon cleaner is also called money printer!


The advantages of the carbon cleaning machine:

1. environmental friendly, reduce exhausted emissions by 72%

2. no chemical additive to damage the engine

3. saving your cost, time and labor

4. easy operation, full-automatically, takes only 20 mins

5. applied for all vehicles: motor, gasoline or diesel cars, truck, bus, etc

6. improve car power


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You can get carbon cleaning effects videos and more detailed information.



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