Paris Mayor: 'What Fox News Did Was To Lie'

Hidalgo spoke to CNN about the city's planned lawsuit against Fox News for its coverage of the supposed "no-go zones" in the wake of terror attacks by Islamic extremists earlier this year in Paris. Fox eventually issued multiple corrections and said there was "no credible information" to support the idea that non-Muslims are not allowed in parts of England or France.
"We are in a world that can very dangerously tip over, as we've seen," Hidalgo said, according to CNN's translation. "And we should not accept this type of talk that only adds difficulty."
Though she did not explain details of the lawsuit against Fox, she said the city "took legal action at the Paris high court."
She said she remained angry about Fox's reporting and that "it has economic consequences because some in the United States suddenly become afraid of Paris."
"What Fox News did was to lie," Hidalgo said, according to CNN. "It wasn't opinion or legitimate criticism. We are in a democracy, so real criticism is normal. But it was a lie at a very, very serious time. And some like Fox stigmatized a portion of the population and they wanted to show something that doesn't exist."
Despite Hidalgo's talk about the lawsuit, however, Fox News told the Washington Post on Friday that it had yet to see court documents.
Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN. Hidalgo's comments about Fox begin at about the 3-minute mark:

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