John Oliver's Show Blames The Germans For Daylight Saving Time

A voice-over explained the origins of the tradition that snatched an hour of sleep from most Americans this week.
"Of course Daylight Saving doesn't benefit farmers," the narration said. "Cows don't care what time it is, because they're cows, and cows are idiots."
After interviewing several laypeople and a farmer, the clip revealed the true source of the practice.
"The modern daylight saving was introduced during the first World War as a fuel saving measure by the Germans," it said. "That's right, you lost an hour of sleep this morning thanks to Kaiser Wilhelm."
But these days, daylight saving time doesn't tend to save fuel. Some states have even seen a slight increase in use of electricity.
"Because switching on a lamp an hour later in the summer doesn't really matter when you're blasting an air conditioner and staying up all night psychotically scrolling through Instagrams of your ex's honeymoon to Morocco," the narrator said.
Watch the clip:

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