John Oliver: 'Tony Abbott is a car crash of a human being'

John Oliver has low hopes.
British comedian John Oliver, who fronts the U.S. late show Last Week Tonight, has taken aim at Australia's Prime Minister yet again, calling him a "car crash of a human being."
Speaking to Fairfax Media, Oliver likens Abbott to an "imploding star," who he believes cannot last as leader of the country, but is enjoying using the downhill ride for comedic pleasure.
"Tony Abbott is an objectively fascinating man," he said in the interview. "The fact he's the leader of a country is in itself appealing as a comic. What's nice is being able to present someone who people have not seen here [in the US] and just to give them a glimpse into other people's pain, as well as their own."


Say what?

This isn't the first time Oliver has focused on Australian politics. In his first series of the late-night HBO show, he ran an hilarious segment as part of a series called "Other Countries' Presidents of the United States." In it, Abbott is slammed for his "right-wing hardline" approaches to immigration, business, sexuality and gender.
Every bad comment and cracker line Abbott has muttered was squashed into the four-minute piece, with references to his inappropriate winking and affection for Australian housewives. If you thought the moments were cringeworthy individually, the mashup will leave you in agony.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver- Tony Abbott... bởi katitrang

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