Indian mob kidnaps alleged rapist from jail, beats him to death

A mob in India has reportedly beaten a suspected rapist to death.

A mob of more than 1,000 people in northeastern India kidnapped a rape suspect from jail and beat him to death Thursday while a crowd of onlookers recorded it on their smartphones.
The man was being held at the Dimapur Central Prison in Nagaland, accused of raping a female student, according to reports.
The crowd took the man, who was thought to be a 35-year-old car dealer from Bangladesh, to the city's clock tower and stripped and beat him before pelting him with stones.

Earlier the crowd had marched for several miles to the prison as a protest against incidents of sexual violence in India. Superintendent Meren Jamir said the situation was "very tense," adding, "we are trying our very best to restore order."

Meanwhile, the Indian government has promised retaliation against the BBC after the broadcaster released India's Daughter, its documentary about the brutal and fatal gang rape of a medical student on a New Delhi bus in 2012. The film has been banned in India.

Indian mob kidnaps alleged rapist from jail... bởi katitrang

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