Fox Host: 'Do We Really Want Everybody Voting? I Don’t Think So!' (VIDEO)

"Do we really want everybody voting?" Tantaros said during a discussion of the issue. "I don’t think so!"
The "Outnumbered" crew was up in arms after Obama told a Cleveland audience that "it would be transformative if everybody voted."
"If you’re not engaged enough to vote, please don’t," co-host Melissa Francis said earlier in the segment. "Stay home."
Meanwhile, co-host Harris Faulkner argued that mandatory voting would be un-American because soldiers “fought for our right to decide for ourselves."
“I don’t understand where the President falls on this: Is he against freedom?" she asked.
Co-host Kirsten Powers confessed when she was younger and encountered unfamiliar ballot items, she would "randomly pick" what to vote for, before determining that "you shouldn’t be voting if you aren’t informed about everything you’re voting for."
She called Obama's comments "a little authoritarian."
Watch below via Fox News:

Fox Host: 'Do We Really Want Everybody Voting... bởi talkingpointsmemo

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