Fox Guest: With Obama There's More 'Rape' Than Ever Before In Modern Times

In an appearance on the show "Hannity," Levin lauded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his address to Congress and commended him for his differences from President Obama.
"Netanyahu is a warrior, he's a combat veteran," Levin said. "He is a leader who takes his commander in chief responsibilities seriously. … Barack Obama is a community activist. He's a rabble-rouser. He's an ideologue and he's an appeaser. That's the difference."
During his time on the show, Levin vehemently noted to host Sean Hannity that Obama's time in office has been utterly damaging.
"There's been more genocide, more rape, more enslavement under this president than any president of modern history," Levin said. "You know I think back to Reagan. Reagan was the liberator. … This President is the imprisonment President."

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