Female Fox Host: Hillary Clinton Is Waging 'War On Men' (VIDEO)

A panel on Fox's "Outnumbered" was discussing whether Clinton's decision to "play the woman card" would help or hurt her likely 2016 presidential campaign. The former secretary of state had spoken out Monday via Twitter against Congressional Republicans who threatened to delay the nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general and slipped an anti-abortion clause into a human trafficking bill that previously had bipartisan support.

"She's waging a war on men," panelist Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery argued on the Fox show. "While she's trying to gather the women's vote, there's a bunch of dudes sitting around going 'Hey wait a second, I'm just trying to get a job, pay my mortgage and support my family. She's completely against me and my kind.'"
"I didn't want it to be about gender at all, but she's making it divisive," Kennedy added.
Fox host Harris Faulkner concurred.
"An extension to what you're saying, Kennedy, is some of these women are with those men," Faulkner said. "Maybe they don't need a champion that looks just like them. They need a champion that will treat everybody fairly -- so if they're with these men that also need jobs, everybody wins."
Oddly enough, it was the "One Lucky Guy" on the "Outnumbered" panel who argued that Hillary's focus on women's issues wasn't a weakness.
"I think the women's stuff and the arguments she's gonna make on that front are gonna help her, net-net," guest Guy Benson said. "I think the problem is she's just not a particularly likable person. She is a much worse liar than her husband. So she's vulnerable, but I don't think it will be because of the 'girl power' thing."

Watch below:

Female Fox Host- Hillary Clinton Is Waging 'War On Men' (VIDEO) by Kati Trang

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