'Zombie' protesters demand Ukraine stop airing Russian TV shows

Protesters gathered outside the National Council for Radio and Television in Kiev on Dec. 3 to demand an end to Russian programming on Ukrainian television.
Zombie protesters did their best Walking Dead impressions in Kiev on Wednesday, while demonstrating against Russian shows being broadcast in Ukraine.
A group of protesters splattered with fake blood gathered outside Ukraine's National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council, calling on Ukrainian stations to stop airing all Russian programming.
The "zombie" protesters held signs mocking Russian programming, which showed images of faceless silhouettes with TV heads. They specifically called out Russian sitcoms that they claim glorify the Russian military and security forces, according to local reports. Protest organizers say they "deeply resent the domination of hostile Russian content" on Ukrainian television in a statement on their Facebook page.
In a statement, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council responded to the protest by saying that it is working on new legislation to combat Russian propaganda. "It will have more authority to see such matters are dealt with easily and quickly," said council representative Vladislav Sevryukov.
Wednesday's protest is the latest in the heated debate on the Ukrainian and Russian information war. It came on the heels of a very different protest over Ukraine's newly formed Ministry of Information Policy, whose main objective is to confront Russian propaganda. However, journalists have spoken out against the new ministry, which was approved by Ukraine's parliament on Tuesday, because they see it as a dangerous step towards limiting free speech.
International groups have also criticized the Ukrainian government for creating the ministry, with Reporters Without Borders saying media should not be regulated by the government.

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