White House 'Applauds' Sony For Surprise Release Of 'The Interview'

CNN reported that a White House spokesman said "the president applauds Sony's decision to authorize screenings of the film."
"As the president made clear, we're a country that believes in free speech and the right of artistic expression," the spokesman told the network.
Sony's move was a reversal from Wendesday, when it canceled the film's Christmas Day release after major theater chains dropped out due of threats of a 9/11-style attack from an anonymous group of hackers.
President Obama called the initial decision "a mistake" in a press conference on Friday.
"I'm sympathetic to the concerns that they faced," he said. "Having said all that, yes, I think they made a mistake."
CNN also reported that the FBI is working with Sony to release the film due to persistent security concerns surrounding the threats from hackers.

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