Report: Uber Let Job Applicant Access Controversial 'God View' Mode

"What an Uber employee would have is everything, complete," the job applicant told Post about Uber employees access to passenger information.
The Washington Post report follows a report that Uber's New York general manager, Josh Mohrer, tracked the rides of a Buzzfeed journalist without her permission. Uber said last week that the company had "taken disciplinary action against" Mohrer. Another executive also came under fire for threatening to set opposition researchers on a journalist who had been critical of the company.
In a statement to the Washington Post on Monday, Uber detailed when employees are allowed to access passenger data and how the company addresses violations.
"Our data privacy policy applies to all employees: access to and use of data is permitted only for legitimate business purposes," Uber said. "Data security specialists monitor and audit that access on an ongoing basis. Violations of this policy do result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination and legal action."

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