NBC Legal Analyst Rips JoeScar Over Ferguson: 'Show Some Respect, Joe'

"No one has said Mike Brown was a hero," Bloom said in a tweet directed at MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough. "What we have said was that we don't give the death penalty to shoplifting teens."
The impetus for Bloom's Twitter rebuttal was a post on Scarborough's typically dormant Politico blog. Scarborough wrote that the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture, which has been used as a sign of solidarity with Brown, is "offensive" because it "suggests that a police officer pointed a gun and shot a black man whose arms were in the air while he said 'hands up, don't shoot.'"
"The fact is there is no credible evidence that remotely supports the absurd claim that ever happened," he added.
That post, combined with Scarborough's on-air comments earlier this week, left Bloom incensed. In one tweet, Bloom addressed "Morning Joe" regular Donny Deutsch, who echoed Scarborough's criticism of the gesture and called Brown a "thug."

Over the course of their fact-check on Tuesday, Bloom and Hayes might as well have been addressing Scarborough. Hayes said the "narrative that we see in certain quarters that the gesture itself of putting your hands up is to perpetuate a lie about the last moments of Michael Brown's life" was not proven by the grand jury's decision to not indict Wilson.
"There are so many issues here that Mike Brown and Ferguson represent that are broader than what happened on Canfield Drive [where Brown was shot in August]," Hayes told Bloom. "But I refuse to allow people to not be factual about what we did and did not learn from the grand jury testimony."
On Wednesday morning, an animated Scarborough appeared to take a thinly veiled shot at Hayes.
“A cop is not out on the street going, ‘You know what I’m going to do today? I’m going to move our society forward,’” he said. “A cop on the street has one job and the job is to protect the people in that neighborhood. It is not to make a statement that makes primetime people on MSNBC feel better about America.”
These public disagreements don't bother MSNBC.
"MSNBC embraces diverse opinions on our network," a spokesperson told TPM on Wednesday when asked about Hayes and Scarborough. "Our hosts often have strong points of view, and they aren’t always going to agree."
It's unclear if that celebration of diversity applies to Bloom's tweets.
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