MLB star's Photoshop fail is so bad it's amazing

Chin up, Brandon: Practice makes perfect in baseball AND graphic design.
Pitcher Brandon McCarthy is proud owner of a brand new four year, $48 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
This is awesome news for one of MLB's brighter personalities, but let's be clear on one thing: A fat new pitching contract does not a good artist make — as McCarthy himself proved after the new deal.
Previously, McCarthy played for the New York Yankees. But it seems he was so excited to trade pinstripes for Dodger blue that he couldn't help but make a set of DIY changes to his Twitter avatar. We think he used Photoshop, but it may well have been some lesser program like MS Paint or maybe even that old-school classic, Kid Pix. Anyway, behold his artistry:
Not impressed? Neither is McCarthy's wife, Amanda:
To which the new Dodger replied:
All in all, a nice bit of humor for baseball fans suffering through a long winter off-season.

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