Man's marriage proposal from a huge crane didn't really go as planned

A dutchman tried to use a crane to propose to his girlfriend but ended up crashing it into a house.
This one didn't quite go as planned.
A man in the Netherlands had grand plans for proposing to his girlfriend over the weekend, but ended up accidentally smashing a mobile crane into the roof of a house on Saturday.
Spoiler: She still said "yes."
The man planned to descend in front of her bedroom window in the town of IJsselstein, singing a song and asking for her hand in marriage.
A crane toppled onto a house in the Netherlands
However, the crane was not properly secured and it crashed into a neighbour's house twice, forcing the evacuation of several properties. It then caused further damage as they tried to right it. The man "clambered" to safety from the crane before it crashed.

Nobody was injured in the incident. The owner of one house said that his daughter normally sleeps in the attic but was out of bed before the incident occurred.
The happy engaged couple are believed to be in Paris, presumably avoiding a few angry phone calls.

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