Google to offer kid-friendly versions of its products

In this photo taken July 15, 2013, children play on computers after eating a free lunch brought by the bus in Federal Way, Wash.

There may soon be a special version of YouTube optimized for kids 12 and younger as Google is readying kid-friendly versions of some of its most popular products, the company's vice president of engineering Pavni Diwanji, tells USA Today.
Diwanji did not identify which products Google is eyeing for a kid-friendly makeover but, as USA Today notes, it's likely the company will target products that already have broad appeal such as Chrome, search and YouTube. This would be in line with earlier rumors  that the company was working on a standalone YouTube for children under the age of 10. Google plans to start creating the kid-friendly versions next year.
Young children may seem like an unlikely target for the tech giant, but Diwanji noted that a large number of children are already using Google products. But when it comes to the Internet, kids need different features than adults, including more advanced filtering systems and privacy controls.
"The big motivator inside the company is everyone is having kids, so there's a push to change our products to be fun and safe for children," Diwanji said.
She added: "This is perhaps one of my greatest challenges. 
We want to lay the foundation right, and then make sure every single part of Google is great for kids.They are the future, so why not give them the tools to let them create it."

Google has a history of encouraging children to get involved in tech and science through programs like its annual science fair, maker camp, Google Doodle competition and other initiatives that provide funding and resources for kids pursuing education in various fields. The company even has a dedicated area of its headquarters in Mountain View known as the "Kids Studio" where employees' children can go and test out early stage products, according to the report.

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