Girl Scouts to start selling cookies via the Internet, app and tablets

A Girl Scout sells cookies from a truck in New York City on February 8, 2013.
Samoas and Thin Mints could be coming to your inbox soon. Girl Scouts of America announced Digital Cookie on Monday, a new digital platform that allows Girl Scouts to sell cookies through the Internet.
It's a move to get girls interested in computers at a young age. Girl Scouts has always touted the cookie program as a way to lay the groundwork for good business and negotiation skills, and the digital program is modernizing those skills.
Digital Cookie will not be an online store for cookies, however.  
As a precaution, Girl Scouts will initiate all sales. So you won't be able to order cookies online unless you're directly contacted by a Girl Scout. This does not change typical cookie season timelines, either.

The program is supposed to help teach girls five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. As a bonus, it's also meant to give girls experience in using apps and online marketing.
There are some concerns about girls' safety, and beyond the fact that only Girl Scouts can initiate sales, the organization is taking numerous precautions. No sensitive information about the girls is kept online, and most actions that happen on the digital interface must be parent-approved. Girl Scouts can reach out to people by email, and only that recipient can access the girl's profile. If the email is forwarded, the link to the Girl Scout's profile will be broken, a Girl Scouts representative told Mash
Not all Girl Scouts will have access to Digital Cookie, either. Girl Scouts belong to a council that makes decisions for the troop, and whether the digital sales service is implemented is decided on a council-by-council basis, so this isn't a unanimous change. Those Girl Scouts enrolled in the program will also have the new option of taking in-person orders using an app and credit card reader with a tablet.
It's estimated that one million Girl Scouts will begin selling cookies using the new system.

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