Fox Business Host: Wall Street Thinks Elizabeth Warren Is 'The Devil' (VIDEO)

"And I can tell you from talking to people in the financial industry, in banking, on Wall Street, they think she is actually the devil," Francis said. "I mean, without question, Elizabeth Warren is the devil. So they're going to put any money they have behind Hillary Clinton, which should be a help."
Francis has a history of criticizing Democrats. In fact, she once said she was silenced on CNBC for her commentary on Obamacare.
Those comments came after a fortnight in which Warren dominated headlines for railing against a provision in a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that rolled back aspects of Dodd-Frank. She also bashed CitiGroup in a speech on Friday.
Warren urged other lawmakers to oppose the spending bill until the provision was removed but in the end the provision remained in teh bill that passed Congress.
Warren has made purging the federal government of dangerous Wall Street ties her signature issue. She's also been leading the charge against the Obama administration's nominee for under secretary of the Treasury, despite the nominee, Antonio Weiss's, background in Democratic circles. Warren argues that his banking resume and involvement in a corporate tax merger weighs him down from meeting the minimum requirements to get the job.
Watch the clip, via Raw Story below:

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