Florida Cop Pulls Over Man For Playing NWA's 'F**k Tha Police'

"Really?" officer Harold Garzon said to the driver at a stoplight in northwest Miami, the Miami New Times reported.
"You're really playing that song? Pull over," he reportedly said.
Garzon, who according to the New Times has weathered 16 internal affairs cases against him, claimed that it was illegal to play loud music within 25 feet of another person. But he had pulled over a law student: Cesar Baldelomar, 26.
"In 2012 the state supreme court struck down any law banning loud music," Baldelomar told the New Times. "I knew that because it was a case I had actually studied in law school."
Undeterred, the officer reportedly issued Baldelomar a ticket for lacking proof of car insurance (even though the civilian offered it), not wearing his seatbelt, and having an out-of-state license.
The paper reported that the young Harvard grad is planning to fight the tickets in court.

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