Fifth day of protests against police brutality spread across the U.S.

Protesters stand raise their hands in front of a police line during a demonstration over recent grand jury decisions in police-involved deaths on December 7, 2014 in Berkeley, California.
UPDATED: 12:20 a.m. ET: The protests in Berkeley have moved onto a local highway (Highway 24), with hundreds of members of the protest group blocking the road in much the same as New York City protesters who shut down two of the city's major thoroughfares (FDR Drive and the West Side Highway) last week.

A number of protesters are posting Twitter photos documenting the event and on Ustream one protester is maintaining a live video feed of the protest.

Although local police have fired tear gas into the crowds and tensions appear to be high, as of this writing, the protest hasn't descended into violence as it did during last night's Berkeley protests.

Peaceful protests against police brutality continued Sunday afternoon and evening, without the violence we saw Saturday. Protestors across the United States expressed their outrage at the lack of indictments against the police officers who killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

Demonstrators take over an intersection as they march through the Wynwood neighborhood to protest police abuse on December 7, 2014 in Miami, Florida.
Berkeley, New York and Miami all saw protests with broadly similar tactics. Demonstrators staged die-ins, lying on the ground for four and a half minutes to symbolize the four and a half hours Mike Brown's body lay in the street after he was shot. They chanted "I can't breathe!" in reference to the video of Eric Garner passing out in a police chokehold, and carried signs saying #BlackLivesMatter and 'This Ends Now.'

New York

Protestors staged another die-in at Grand Central Station, holding their necks in reference to the choking of Eric Garner. They converged on Penn Station, too. Reuters reported that carolers are changing carols into protest songs, making "O Little Town of Bethlehem" into "O Little Town of Ferguson."

Newton, Massachussetts

Demonstrators marched silently through Newton to a protest service at the First Unitarian Society.


Around 100-150 protestors blocked I-195 in Miami, NBC reported. They told reporters they were protesting the lack of judicial action following the deaths of Reefa Hernandez (who died after being shot by a Miami Beach Police officer's Taser), Eric Garner and Mike Brown. "We have no choice but to uprise," one said.


As of this writing, several hundred protestors are marching down Berkeley's Channing Street. A video shows protestors surrounding the University of California at Berkeley dorms, chanting "Out of your houses, into the streets!" There's an ABC livestream here.


Demonstrators staged a protest and a die-in in downtown Minneapolis,according to the Star Tribune.

Long Island

Newsday reported that 400 protestors shut down the Sunrise Highway in Amityville, chanting "I can't breathe."

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