D'Souza And Kelly: Liberal Professors (And Unions) Brainwash Our Kids (VIDEO)

Fighting the liberal grip on college campuses has long been a cause on the right, but on "The Kelly File," D'Souza argued the rot now goes as deep as secondary and elementary schools, where children are radicalized by anti-American militants.
"They don't care about parents," D'Souza said, speaking about liberal teachers and professors on campus. "They just feel unaccountable to legislators, unaccountable to alumni, unaccountable to parents."
Kelly went on to place blame on "the unions that don't allow teachers to get fired, no matter how radical, no matter how bad, no matter what they do."
As usual on Kelly's program, the host gave a lot of attention to former professor and ex-Weather Underground member Bill Ayers as a representative of academia's liberal establishment.
"How do these people get into institutions like Princeton, Columbia, NYU?" Kelly asked. "These are storied institutions."
D'Souza recounted his own interactions with liberals at Dartmouth, where he once outed gay students on campus in the conservative student paper, the Dartmouth Review.
"None of them really believe in free speech who disagree with them," D'Souza said. Kelly attempted to chime in about the free speech point but was inaudible as D'Souza spoke over her.
Watch the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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