Black Mayor Defends White Police Officer Who Shot Teen Near Ferguson

The officer, who has not been identified, fatally shot the teen Tuesday night at a gas station after the teen allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it the officer. Hoskins said he did not believe the shooting was racially motivated.
"This is not a policeman in the city of Berkeley, half-cocked, going out -- and as we say, black lives matter. This was not the case," Hoskins said. "You couldn't even compare this with Ferguson or the Garner case in New York."
"Our goal is to project the truth to the residents," he added. "Because the first thing occurred last night was -- and when I got there we're all saying the same thing: 'Here's a white policeman killing a black young man. So when does it stop?' And I can assure you that did not happen last night."
Hoskins said he reviewed surveillance video of the shooting, which showed that the teen did in fact pull a gun on the officer.
"We had a policeman responding to a call, protecting the residents of the city of Berkeley," he said.

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