15 gifts without screens your kids will probably still love anyway

A cheaper, smaller and safer version of a go-cart that includes a drifting lever for daredevil kids.
With more kid-friendly technology available than ever before, finding a gift that will pry your kids away from smartphones, tablets or computer screens might seem like a daunting task.
But there are plenty of inventive toys out there that will capture kids' attention without gluing them to a screen. From outdoor activities like self-propelled skateboards, pitching machines or jumping stilts to creativity-inspiring pursuits like a soda can robot kit or a simplified circuit board, non-screen gifts can be found at every price range.
Studies show that kids who spend less time staring at a screen can are better at recognizing emotions, more physically active and sleep better at night.
These gifts will encourage your kids to play outside, build something creative or just have fun — without a computer, TV or smartphone.

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