11 things we learnt from 'wear your band T-shirt to work day'

Listeners of BBC 6 Music have been sending in photos of themselves in their old band t-shirts.
LONDON — Once a year, digital radio station BBC 6 Music asks its listeners to wear a band T-shirt to work, and send in their photos. Using the hashtag #6MusicTShirtDay, which has been trending for much of Friday, it's a chance to celebrate those dusty old tees at the bottom of your drawer and rediscover familiar sounds from the past.
Listeners and musicians alike jumped at the chance to show off their threads
The day gives a chance to compare merch from different bands, including Pavement, David Bowie, Primal Scream and Blondie in this line-up:
We learnt several things over the course of the day.

1. Your first band T-shirt is usually your favourite

2. Policemen like punk

3. Band T-shirts are a lovely way to remember family

4. Sometimes the most obscure bands have the best tees...

5. ...although Belle and Sebastian do a fine line in them, too

6. Band tees can bring people together

7. Discovering that your old band tee still fits is a joyous occasion

8. Band tees are a way of life for many people

9. Office dress codes can't suppress the public's love of music

10. Indie band James is still going strong in the hearts and minds of Brits.

11. Some shirts last longer than others

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