'We Lined Up for Ten Days to Get the iPhone 6 First in the World'

Salvatore and Christian at the Apple Store Sydney.

SYDNEY — Four Australian guys spent 10 days in line waiting for the iPhone 6. They will be the first in the world to get their hands on the new device — and then they will give it away.
At spots number one and number two at the flagship Apple Store in Sydney, Salvatore Gerace, 22, Sam Vieira, 21, Davor Beric, 25, Christian Ibrahim, 21, have been involved in a very dedicated PR stunt since Sept. 9.
The new phone will be released as the Apple Store Sydney opens at 8AM local time on Friday. Due to the timezones, Australia gets first dibs on the devices.
The men work for Australian marketplace start-up Alphatise and have given away two 128GB space grey iPhone 6s through the app to lucky Sydneysiders Ellen Colusso and Edward Tran.

The app allows users to "wish" on a product and the retailer can accept the amount offered. They concept means the power is given back to the consumer. The Apple iPhone 6 product on the app, which you needed to wish on to win, has had more than 5000 interested bids.
Christian and Salvatore, who are on the daytime shift at the Apple Store, told Mash their new working conditions have posed some challenges and allowed them to see another side to the city from their fold-up chairs.
"We've gotten to know the local characters that come out at night time. You see a different part of Sydney out here," Christian said.

Getting some free dinner.
Their counterparts Sam and Davor, who crash on sleeping bags under umbrellas when they clock on at 7pm each night, apparently have it easier as they get to snooze away the time and not deal with the mass amounts of attention that come with being a daytime Apple star.
"It's just a normal day at work but it's outside and we are subject to a lot of scrutiny. We are getting a lot of attention," Salvator said.
The guys spent a lot of time analysing the pavement, playing cards and making friends. The only thing that makes them crazier than most, they say, is that they are putting themselves through 10 days of boredom for no personal gain.

Enjoying a feast of Chur Burgers, Dominos Pizza and anything they request from their office, the duo are definitely not slumming it.
During the course of the week Christian and Salvatore have watched the Godfather four times in a row, tested multiple YouTube pranks on unsuspected pedestrians and devoured all the seasons of Entourage. They've also started helping customers with enquires such as store opening times and call themselves "pseudo-genuises".

The guys want to push entrepreneurship in Australia and encourage other brands to think outside the box with their publicity campaigns.
"We've made friends with the guys working at Apple, and they are very support of us and what we are doing," Christian said. "They love tech and they want to see tech increase in coverage and popularity in Australia. There is a lack of entrepreneurship that is being endorsed locally, unlike in America, where you have Silicon Valley. We want Alphatise to be a pioneer in growing that industry in this country."
Christian said the 10-day stunt been a hugely successful PR campaign, leveraging the Apple brand to kickstart the Alphatise brand.
"It has already paid off, but we want to see the fruits of our labour on Friday and see how far this thing really goes," he said.
To wind down from the intensive work Christian plans to hit some golf balls, while Salvatore is going to straight to bed.

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