Kanye West Blasts the Media After Wheelchair Comments Go Viral

Kanye West during a show in Australia in 2012.
Hey Kanye, Imma let you finish... Actually, no, it's probably best if you didn't.
Kanye West has been on tour in Australia throughout the past month, which means countless Kanye headlines (mostly for cringeworthy concert moments). On Friday, a video leaked of the singer demanding his concertgoers stand up, which led to him singling out an attendee in a wheelchair.

The incident launched an all-out media frenzy, and several news outlets updated their coverage after seeing footage from the concert. While the moment was awkward, it didn't seem like West had malicious intent — simply bad judgement.
The following night in Brisbane, West (no stranger to long, rambling rants) allegedly made a five-minute speech attacking the media's coverage of his shows and his family.
According to tweets from concertgoers at the event, West insisted that the press focus on real news instead of his interactions with his daughter; most likely, he was referencing stories about the West family outing to the local zoo.
West also reportedly said he should not be hounded by the media because he is a married, Christian man.

Footage of his rant on the media has yet to surface, but it seems West should probably return stateside soon — before the press gets too exhausted from covering all his zoo trips.

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