Puma Pounces on Twitter's Latest Ad Program 'Flock to Unlock'


Twitter is rolling out an ad platform called Flock to Unlock that challenges fans to retweet in order to "unlock" new content from a brand.
The company's first partner for the program is Puma, which is using Flock to Unlock to help spread its new global ad campaign themed "Forever Faster."
In this case, the content is new TV ads that won't actually hit TV until two days later. The campaign, kicking off Aug. 4, will feature tweets from Puma-sponsored athletes Usain Bolt, Mario Balotelli, Lexi Thompson, Sergio Aguero, Jamaal Charles, Cordarrelle Patterson and Jadeveon Clowney, who have a combined 19 million following on the social network. The athletes will post tweets with messages explaining that content will be unlocked when an unspecified number of retweets occur.

Though the amount of tweets needed won't be revealed, fans will see a graph showing how close they are to the goal, percentage-wise.

"Forever Faster" positions Puma as both the choice of the world's physically fastest athletes (like Bolt) and "fast" in the sense that it is a step ahead of consumers. "Our mission to be the fastest sports brand in the world in everything we do," says Tara McRae, svp of brand and marketing at Puma.
Flock to Unlock is Twitter's latest attempt to capitalize on Cards, a feature introduced in 2012 that lets advertisers customize their tweets with multimedia content. Flock to Unlock follows the June introduction of a feature that let advertisers launch video via a hashtag.
Twitter's flurry of new products aimed at advertisers — an April Wall Street Journal report said there were about 15 such introductions coming this year — seems to have helped Twitter turn a profit in its most-recent quarter.


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