Top 10 Jobs With the Highest Work-Life Balance

Jobs with the highest work-life balance

Balancing your career and personal life is no easy task.
But if you're a data scientist, tour guide or social media manager, it may be easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance, according to Glassdoor.
The jobs site, which compiles data about workplaces, released a list of the top highly rated jobs for work-life balance. The results are entirely based on employee feedback over the past year.
The report looked at work-life balance ratings for each job title shared on Glassdoor in the last year, and took business outlook ratings into consideration. Ratings were based on a five-point scale, with "1" representing "dissatisfied," "3" representing "OK" and "5" meaning "very satisfied."
If you're looking to achieve work-life balance, you may want to consider one of these professions.

1. Data scientist

Receiving a 4.4 rating for work-life balance, data scientists grabbed the No. 1 spot. In the survey, about 74% of employees say the business will get better, while 5% believe it will get worse.
"Not only is everyone incredibly sharp and very good at their jobs, but also, almost without exception, everyone is a pleasure to work and associate with," says a data scientist at Facebook. "I'm given an incredible work-life balance."

2. SEO specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists come in at a close second with a 4.3 work-life balance rating. About 75% of current employees believe the business will get better; 11% say it will get worse.

3. Tour guide

Tour guide

Tour guides rank third on the list of jobs with the highest work-life balance.
The job that allows you to interact with people from around the world takes the third spot with a rating of 4.3. Nearly 59% feel this job will get better and only 7% say it will get worse.
"You learn a lot about customer service, you get to take different workshops and classes, and managers work with you and have your best interest at heart," says a tour guide who works at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. "You meet a lot of new people and it is a great environment to work in."

4. Lifeguard


Lifeguarding comes in fourth place.
Coming in at fourth, lifeguarding jobs have a work-life balance rating of 4.3. Approximately 33% the sector will get better and, perhaps unsurprisingly, 0% think it will get worse.

5. Social media manager

Social media managers land in the fifth spot with a rating of 4.3. A positive 76% think the field will improve and 10% believe it will get worse.
"I feel that the work I do is important, both to Abstrakt and our clients but also to my professional development as well," says a social media manager at Abstrakt, a marketing company in St. Louis, Missouri. "Although I am kept busy, I also have a lot of fun at work and feel like I have a good work-life balance."

6. Group fitness instructor

Group fitness instructor

Group fitness instructors for classes such as pilates, yoga and spinning, have a 4.2 work-life balance rating.
Working at a gym can have a number of perks, including a flexible schedule and a free membership to work out. It's no wonder being a fitness instructor lands in the sixth spot with a rating of 4.2. About 43% believe the profession will improve, and 13% say it will get worse.

7. User experience designer

Fitness instructors just barely beat out user experience designers, who have a work-life balance rating of 4.2. As for business outlook, 60% saying it will get better, while 15% think it will get worse.
"The team is incredible, there are plenty of people to learn from, there are many perks and I always get the support I need to continually advance in my career," says a user experience designer at LinkedIn. "I also like maintaining a good work-life balance, and I can definitely do this at LinkedIn."

8. Corporate communications

In eighth place is corporate communications with a 4.1 rating, and 56% think the profession will get better, while a low 6% think it will get worse.

9. Firefighter


Firefighters nearly close out the top 10 list of jobs with the best work-life balance.
Firefighters take the ninth spot with a work-life balance rating of 4.1. Approximately 47% think the field will improve, while 17% think it will get worse.
An FDNY firefighter in New York shares that he has a flexible work schedule, good salary and that his co-workers have become a second family.

10. Equity trader

Closing out the top 10 are equity traders, who have a work-life balance rating of a solid 4.0. About 38% think the field will improve, while 38% also say it will get worse.
"The compensation is outstanding and there really is great work-life balance. Everyone you work with is highly intelligent. Leadership encourages innovation," says an equity trader at Tradebot, a broker-dealer in Kansas City, Missouri.
Curious to see which other jobs made the list? Check out the full report from Glassdoor below.
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A list of the top 20 highly rated jobs for work-life balance, according to Glassdoor.

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