Tim Howard's Yearbook Quote Could Not Have Been More Perfect

Tim Howard of the United States reacts during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Round of 16 match between Belgium and USA at Arena Fonte Nova on July 1, 2014 in Salvador, Brazil.

Here's further proof that USMNT goalie Tim Howard is a god: He has the power of foresight.
The star of Tuesdays' USA-Belgium match, who set records and became an American hero by saving 16 of Belgium's shots on goal, apparently always knew he was unstoppable. Reddit found Howard's senior yearbook picture, and if it's real, it's eerily on point. (Mashable reached out to North Brunswick High School, and the secretary there confirmed Howard was a student, but could not immediately verify the quote.)

If you're wondering, Belgium has a population of approximately 11 million — so basically, Howard made good on his high-school promise during the World Cup.
Howard, who attended North Brunswick High School in New Jersey in the '90s, was also apparently a fan of Public Enemy. His yearbook quote is most likely referencing the title of the hip hop duo's second album.
And in case all of this evidence is not enough proof of Howard's higher powers, here's the legend making a goal from a goal (yes, you read that correctly) during a game in 2012.

If they make USMNT yearbooks, Howard's new quote should simply be "Bow down."

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