The CIA's Social Media Manager Deserves a Raise

The CIA answered Twitter questions on Monday, once again proving the organization does have a sense of humor.

Somebody at the Central Intelligence Agency has a pretty good sense of humor.
Just one month after the organization sent out an epic first tweet, the CIA returned to the social media network to answer five of the top questions people have asked in the time since.

We can only imagine the long list of questions users have submitted to @CIA. The answers, however, were not what we imagined. Turns out the agency's social media manager doesn't take social media too seriously.

Included in the five responses are a selfie reference, the hashtag #sorrynotsorry and a nod to deceased rapper Tupac Shakur.
We had a hunch the CIA knew everything. Apparently, that includes how to please the Internet masses.

For the record, CIA, Tupac is dead.

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