Meghan McCain: I've Had 'All The Sarah Palin I Need For One Lifetime'


During “TakePart Live,” the digital news and lifestyle show she co-hosts on Pivot, McCain discussed Palin’s new media site, The Sarah Palin Channel, saying she doesn't get what the former Alaska governor is trying to do.
“I don’t know how this is different than a blog with video posts,” McCain said. “It didn’t look like a video channel. Glenn Beck has the Blaze, which is an actual channel you can turn to on television.”
Palin announced her new subscription-based channel in a Facebook post Sunday, saying it will be for those who are “tired of media filters,” who want to “call it like it is.”
McCain said the channel will probably generate interest because Americans can’t seem to get enough of the politician.
“Americans are innately curious about her for a lot of different reasons, whether you love her or you hate her, people are curious,” she said. “I am not going to subscribe to Sarah Palin’s $9.95 per month. I got all the Sarah Palin I need for one lifetime.”

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