Man's Bull-Running Selfie in Spain Is Extreme — And Illegal

A participant in front of Jandilla's bulls snaps a selfie during the bull-run of the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain, on July 11, 2014 . The man could be fined nearly $2,050 for filming while participating.

"Extreme selfies" are becoming a photographic genre all their own.
The latest entry is from a man who decided to take a photo of himself while running away from a bull in Pamplona, Spain during the annual running of the bulls. Participating in the tradition is, of course, a risk, but this is taking danger to a new level.

But the selfie wasn't just dangerous: It was also illegal.
Officials in the northern region of Spain passed a law this year to crack down on filming during the running of the bulls. Three Brits have been fined so far, including one who has to pay 650 euros for filming the bull run with a drone. The law says that anyone who endangers people's lives by filming or taking photos during the run could be fined up to $2,050.
Spanish television stations TVE filmed the man, pictured in the photo above, taking a selfie with the bulls directly behind him.

Quinto encierro sanfermines
The station made a joke about it, encouraging participants to send in their best San Fermin selfies, which it has since retracted.

Bonus: What Pamplona is like during the running of the bulls

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