Atari Teams Up With Denny's to Remix Classic Video Games


Atari has teamed up with Denny's to combine two things many gamers love — video games and fast food — in order to create remixes of three classic game titles.
Now you can play food-themed versions of Centipede (Centipup), Asteroids(Hashteroids) and Breakout (Take-Out) on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Although the licensing deal promotes Denny's restaurant chain, old-school gaming purists can rest assured that the games' remixed versions live up to the entertainment pedigree of the originals.
In Centipup you use a "magical bottle" of syrup to transform enemies into sunny side up eggs, with all the urgency and fast-paced drama of the original Centipede.
Atari remix

The same goes for Hashteroids, where you steer the SS Denny's Condiment Transport ship (actually, a bottle of ketchup) to avoid and destroy giant clumps of hash browns. Similarly, Take-Out performs pretty much exactly like Breakout, except instead of eliminating bricks to win the game, you have to move a plate from side to side to eliminate bacon and eggs from the screen.
Not only are the graphic treatments true to the old-school versions, the accompanying music and sound effects for each game are so accurate that you might start to feel like you're playing the original versions.
Atari remix

"Transforming our classic and beloved games into a retro, remixed promotion will be a natural way to expose our brand to a new generation, and resonate with our long-time fans in a fun and unique way," Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in a statement.
The licensing deal appears to be a part of Atari's recently announced "corporate comeback strategy," which will include licensing deals, online gaming, new hardware and Atari-branded apparel.
So far, the Atari-Denny's mashup has received enthusiastic reviews on both Apple's App Store and Google Play. All three games are currently available as free downloads.

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