The Power of Expanding Your Network by One


For the past five years, Mashable has united the globe for a celebration of Social Media Day, when we celebrate the ways social media has changed and enriched our world.
Five years ago, everyone's social followings were probably much smaller, with fewer connections across those networks. So this year, we're taking a moment to recognize that a single connection is just as valuable as 1,000. We're calling this global experiment#1Connection.

The #1Connection movement aims to build global bonds across the web. We’re encouraging our more than 16 million social media followers to expand their networks by one in order to strengthen the worldwide social media community. Think of it as pen pals for the digital age.
In the weeks leading up to global Social Media Day on June 30, tweet the hashtag #1Connection. Doing so will automatically enter you into a global exchange of @-handles. On June 30, we will pair up entrants based on their interests, encouraging them to follow each other and wish one another a happy #SMDay.
You could be paired with someone from the other side of the world, someone who frequents your local coffee shop, a celebrity or a global influencer. (Hey, it could even be our CEO Pete Cashmore.)

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