That Moment the U.S. Stopped Everything to Watch the Germany Match

US President Barack Obama and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett (L) watch the 2014 World Cup match between the US and Germany while en route to Minnepolis, Minnesota on June 26, 2014.

June 26 was officially an unofficial federal holiday for Team USA fans.
On Thursday, Team USA faced off against Germany in the last match of Group G in the World Cup, a tense match that determined the U.S. Men's National Team's (USMNT) fate in the rest of the tournament. Team USA head coach Jurgen Klinsmann even gave everyone a permission slip to skip work to watch the match, and looks like most took him up on his offer.

U.S. fans in Brazil that traversed the flooded streets of Recife to reach stadium weren't the only ones who came out in droves to support the USMNT. Back home, fans across the nation crowded plazas and parks, as they do.
But let's look who else decided to take a break from the workday and join the U.S. fandemonium (cough, Will Ferrell). Ultimately, USA lost to Germany, but the loss was actually a victory: The USMNT was still able to advance into the round of 16, a.k.a. the knockout round.

Diehard fans crowd cities across the U.S.

Soccer fans at the Google I/O conference weren't going to miss the game.

Neither was Obama.

Ryan Seacrest found time to watch between breaks in recording his radio show.

And Rihanna took multitasking to a new level.

Even astronauts — from both sides — got in the spirit to play a little soccer in space.

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