Offended by Seth Rogen? Well, Kim Jong-un, How Do You Like This?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, right, smiles along with two Korean People's Army senior officers during a mass military parade in Kim Il Sung Square to celebrate the centenary of the birth of his grandfather, national founder Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang, North Korea on April 15, 2012.

North Korea isn't very happy about James Franco and Seth Rogen's new movie, The Interview, to say the least.
A country spokesperson reportedly described the movie, which mocks the country's leader Kim Jong-un, as "undisguised terrorism and a war action."
Well, everyone's a critic.

You'd think they had developed thicker skin by now — after all, it's not the first time people have made fun of the North Korean regime.
Here are some of the best send ups of Kim Jong-un and his late father Kim Jong-il.

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