iOS 8 to Bring Safari's Saved Passwords to Third-Party Apps

Apple CEO Tim Cook walks past a logo for SDK at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Monday, June 2, 2014.

Logging in to apps may soon be a whole lot easier and faster in iOS 8.
Apple is reportedly adding a new feature to its mobile OS, which will allow apps to access login credentials stored in Safari to automatically fill in username and password information in third-party apps.

The feature will rely on Safari's existing AutoFill and Passwords feature, according to9to5Mac.
Right now, Safari can store passwords and other login information in its keychain, and automatically fill them in when you log in to a service from within the browser. But if you try to log in to the same service using a third-party app, you need to manually type in your information.
With the new feature, which 9to5Mac said is part of Apple's effort for more parity between iOS and OS X, third-party apps will be able to access login credentials stored in Safari. And since Safari's AutoFill and Passwords feature is synced to iCloud, login information will be accessible across iOS devices.
The reverse also reportedly works: If you use an app that takes advantage of the new feature, but don't have the same information stored in Safari, the browser will be able to fill in your login information.
Of course, it will ultimately be up to developers to take advantage of the new feature, and integrate it into their apps. This will require developers to link their apps and websites on the backend, so iOS will be able to tell when a website and app are associated with each other.

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