Gold iPhone With Vladimir Putin's Face Is Only $4,300

An image of Russian President Vladimir Putin is engraved on the back of a gold-encrusted iPhone.

Supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin can now prove their devotion to the mother country with a patriotic gold-plated iPhone 5S.
Italian luxury brand Caviar/Perla Penna built the so-called "Supremo Putin" phone, which is encrusted in 18-karat-gold. It features a hand-engraved portrait of Putin's face alongside the first lines of Russia's national anthem and the Russian coat of arms. It retails for $4,300 and is part of a line of extravagant phones marketed toward “people of the highest circle," as the company puts it.

"President Vladimir Putin has become a symbol of a new generation, strong-willed and a decisive leader," the company's description of the phone reads, according to Google Translate. "Caviar jewelers chose him as among the most important figures of our time."
Putin joins the ranks of other notable figures that have been featured on Caviar phones, which include Muhammad Ali and Leonardo da Vinci, the Moscow Times reports.
When the gold iPhone was released last year it sold out in less than a few weeks. In April 2013,one company created a $15 million diamond-and-gold-encrusted iPhone.
Although this Caviar/Perla Penna iPhone may be the most extravagant Putin-related product, it isn't the only one. The Moscow Times reports that, following Russia's annexation of Crimea, Russian approval of Putin has been at an all-time high, and the president's face now adorns a variety of patriotic accessories.-

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