Dutch Airline Sparks Anger Over World Cup Tweet

The Netherlands' KLM is also known as Royal Dutch Airlines.

Welcome to the latest episode of stupid brand tweets, World Cup edition.
Sunday's social media gaffe comes to us courtesy of The Netherlands' Royal Dutch Airlines, also known as KLM. The airline felt the need to kick Mexican fans when they were down, posting a racially insensitive tweet soon after the Dutch World Cup squad stormed from behind in the final minutes of its match against Mexico to knock them from the tournament.

This comes not long after Delta Airlines tweeted a picture of a Giraffe to represent Ghana during that nation's match with the U.S. in the group stage. Giraffes, the world now knows, do not live in Ghana.
KLM has since deleted the tweet, but as you can see with the above image, it's not exactly hard to find. And when people did find it, many were displeased (beware, some of the below tweets are filled with curse words).

But perhaps the best response came from Mexican airline Aeromexico.

That tweet roughly translates to "Thanks for the great World Cup. We are proud and waiting at home."

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