5 Times the Internet Demanded Gender Equality

A 1981 Lego ad encouraged girls to play with the toys.

The Internet likes to take matters into its own hands.
At least, that's the case when it comes to issues surrounding gender equality. Many people use blog posts, tweets and status updates to highlight instances of discrimination against women, and spread awareness on the serious problem.

One recent example is the New York Times scandal starring Jill Abramson, the paper's first female executive editor. She was promptly fired in May, after less than three years on the job. Rumors quickly swirled that Abramson had been fired because of complaints about unequal pay— though, the Times denies that claim.
Time will tell how the Abramson case plays out, but there have been plenty of instances in which Internet users successfully stepped in to promote gender equality.
From #YesAllWomen to gender stereotypes at Lego, here are five times the Internet promoted gender equality.

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