Well Played Photo Spread, Mostly: Angelina Jolie on and in Elle Magazine, June 2014

It’s a real pity she’s so terribly unphotogenic.
But seriously: I actually don’t think the cover itself is my favorite. I mean, it’s a comparative science — Angelina is never going to look like a hideous she-beast, not even when she’s in costume as a she-beast for Maleficent — but the brows-raised messy-haired pose doesn’t appeal to me as much as some of the other images in what was apparently a 16-page spread. For some reason it’s too much about the eyebrows for me.
I do, however, like that she recently gave an interview in which she said she doesn’t let herself moan and wail too much about juggling work and parenting because she realizes she has advantages that most people don’t. It feelssquarely aimed at Gwynnie’s recent comments, and while I do think Rich People Are Allowed To Have Feelings Too, Gwyneth’s remarks were pretty out of touch — and in a world where most celebrities try so hard to be like, “No, I’m just like you,” it’s refreshing to hear Angelina be like, “Except, I’m not, I have mad cash to pay for things that most people can’t, and it’s disingenuous and in fact disrespectful to working mothers to pretend that’s not true.” In the PR wars, sometimes self-awareness trumps all.

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