Twitter's Stock Drop on Monday Was the Worst of Major Tech Firms

Traders and journalists crowd the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange on the morning of Twitter's public stock debut on Nov. 7, 2013.

After Twitter stock dropped 10% in early trading on Tuesday morning, the company's stock continued to fall almost 18% in the wake of the lockup period's end.
At an all-time low of less than $32 a share, the drop in Twitter stock when compared to other companies like Facebook, Yelp and Google could spell more bad news for the company.

When a company first goes public, early investors cannot sell their shares for a set amount of time, known as a lockup period. When the lockup period ends, those investors typically sell their shares to cash in on their investments, usually resulting in a company's stocks falling, like Twitter has seen when its lockup period ended on Monday.
While it's typical for companies to see a dip in stock prices, Twitter's seems to be more significant than Google's 6.7% drop and Facebook's 12.6% gain — a surprise by many in November 2012 when most experts expected Facebook's stock to nose dive.
The following chart, created by Statista, further details how Twitter's stock prices post-lockup compare to other companies:
A chart that depicts Twitter's stock prices after the lockup period expires compared to other companies.

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