'Figuring Things Out': The First Year After Graduation in 3 Words

For many students, graduation is the culmination of years of hard work, sacrifices and the promise of a future with great potential.
For the rest of us, it's an unwelcome introduction to the real world. And let's be honest — graduation is like a celebration and a memorial wrapped into one; the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.
In celebration of yet another graduation season, Mashable asked its community to sum up that exciting, depressing, joyous, monumental first year of life after graduation in just three words. Our audience was more than happy to share, and we've highlighted some of those responses below.

  • Lifeaftergrad_nomoney IMAGE: FLICKR, STUARTPILBROW
  • Lifeaftergrad_bills IMAGE: FLICKR, JASON ROGERS
  • Lifeaftergrad_whatisthis IMAGE: FLICKR, CROSATHORIAN
  • Lifeaftergrad_notworthit IMAGE: FLICKR, MINGO HAGEN
  • Lifeaftergrad_studing IMAGE: FLICKR, MR.THOMAS
  • Lifeaftergrad_crappyvodka IMAGE: FLICKR, SEONGJUN HONG
  • Lifeaftergrad_naps IMAGE: FLICKR, KAMYAR ADL
  • Lifeaftergrad_eyesshut IMAGE: FLICKR, TIM PARKINSON
  • Lifeaftergrad_booze IMAGE: FLICKR, ALEXANDRE NORMAND
  • Lifeaftergrad_learning IMAGE: FLICKR, SARA V.
  • Lifeaftergrad_resume IMAGE: FLICKR, ALEX FRANCE
  • Lifeaftergrad_blissful IMAGE: FLICKR, TAMUC
  • Lifeaftergrad_ambition IMAGE: FLICKR, MARCY KELLAR

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