The Prettiest Tarantula in All the Land

A rare Socotra Island Blue Baboon won best in show at this year's British Tarantula Society exhibition. More than 30,000 arachnids and their owners turned up to the one-day event.



Aragog would be proud.
At the 29th annual British Tarantula Society Exhibition last weekend in the United Kingdom, a rare Socotra Island Blue Baboon walked away with the best in show title, a trophy and eternal bragging rights.
The winning arachnid is native to Africa and came out on top not only due to how uncommon it is, but also because of its good health. This is the first year its owner, Mike Dawkins, has entered the competition, but he has kept tarantulas for years (he has about 60 of the little guys).
"It was my first entry, Dawkins told National Geographic. "I was very surprised to win best African species, let alone best in show. That really shocked me."
The tarantula's prize was based on a variety of factors, including its bright colors; lean, round physique; and a good head of hair.
A Brazilian white knee tarantula took the best in show prize last year.
More than 30,000 tarantulas and their owners were in attendance at the 2014 extravaganza. The one-day event also featured 50 exhibitors showing off their selections of tarantulas, as well as other types of spiders and insects. The exhibition is meant to be a place where spider lovers can connect, and is a way to educate the general public on the eight-legged creatures, according to its website.

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