Selena Gomez's Grandparents Confirm She Has Lupus!

Selena Gomez's struggles with lupus have been confirmed by her grandparents.

Late last year, rumors began swirling that Selena Gomez was dealing with some serious health issues after she was forced to cancel a string of tour dates.
Well it turns out those rumors were 100% true.
In a recent interview, Selena's grandparents Ricardo and Mary Gomez spoke out about her struggles with lupus and said she's currently getting treatment for her condition.
To make matters even worse, her grandfather says they worry about her hectic schedule and how it can affect her health:
"What worries [us] more is that she doesn’t know how to say no. She won’t take time for herself to relax, to eat well."
Selena was reportedly diagnosed over two years ago and was forced to cancel and handful of tour dates due to a high number of "flares" late last year.
We definitely hope she's taking her grandparents' advice and getting as much rest as possible and doing everything she can to stay healthy with her insanely busy schedule.
Take care of yourself, girl!

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