Police Break Up Massive Party of 1,500 Teens After Word Spreads on Twitter

Police in Brampton, Canada, were forced to break up a massive house party (not pictured) after more than 1,500 teens turned out after the event was promoted on Twitter.

Police in Brampton, Canada, broke up a massive party Friday night after more than 1,500 teens showed up to a "mansion party" that had been promoted on Twitter and other social media, according to multiple reports.
The organizer reportedly hired security, and was charging a fee to get into the party, which took place in a partially built house in an upscale neighborhood

The organizer was the son of the homeowner and had permission to hold a party, but not one of that scale, Peel Regional Police told The Toronto Sun.

Damage, which police described as "substantial," has totaled $70,000 Canadian (around USD $64,000) so far, but that number could rise as the house is further assessed,according to CBC News.

Police estimated that between 1,500 and 2,000 teens were at the party by the time they arrived on scene to break it up at 9:50 p.m local time, less than an hour after it started, CBC reported.
That so many turned out in such a short period of time demonstrates how quickly news of the party spread on social media, particularly Twitter. Partygoers tweeted about their escapades using the hashtag #MansionParty, which quickly became a trending topic,The Sun reported.

Const. Thomas Ruttan, a spokesperson for Peel Regional Police, told the CBC that 60 units from three police divisions responded to the party. Some officers were assaulted while dispersing the crowd, but there were no serious injuries reported, Ruttan added. Several partygoers were arrested for public intoxication and assaulting officers.

“Social media is probably not the best place to advertise a party,” Ruttan told The Sun. “People need to realize how far-reaching social media is, and how quickly things like this can get out of control.”

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