Michelle Obama: It's Time to Bring Back Our Girls

Michelle Obama tweeted a photo that shows the First Lady holding a sign that says, "#BringBackOurGirls," in reference to the missing Nigerian schoolgirls, on May 7, 2014.

Michelle Obama added her voice to the global campaign to bring home the missing Nigerian girls, who were kidnapped from their school on April 15.

The First Lady tweeted on Wednesday a photo of her holding a white sign with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls written in black marker.

She signed it "-mo," which means it was sent by FLOTUS herself.
The tweet comes one day after President Obama said the U.S. was sending a team to Nigeria to assist in finding the missing girls, who were reportedly kidnapped by members of the Islamic militant group Boko Haram. (Its name means "Western education is forbidden.")
The hashtag has been tweeted more than 1 million times as of Wednesday, with celebrities and politicians adding their voices to the global campaign.
Ify Elueze, a young Nigerian girl who started a Change.org petition that surpassed 250,000 signatures on Wednesday, told Mashable that she couldn't imagine what the Nigerian girls were going through.
"I know the families because I can see their pain, their anguish, and I feel for them and I feel like I am one of them," said Elueze.
"That is the same feeling as everyone who has cried out to make the voices of these girls heard — on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram — and all the other platforms that people have been using to express their concern and solidarity for their families," she said.

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