India's New Prime Minister Wants to Remember Every 'Congrats' Forever

Narendra Modi addresses a gathering of supporters after his landslide victory in Vadodara, in the western Indian state of Gujarat, on May 16, 2014.

India's newest prime minister has set up a a website to collect messages from anyone who has congratulated him on Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media.
Plenty congratulated Narendra Modi on Friday, when he climbed to the top of India's political ladder. Any tweet with the hashtag #CongratsNaMO will appear on an online "victory wall," which is currently a constantly rotating slideshow of congratulatory text. People can also send a text to a number listed on the site or leave a comment on Modi's Facebook post about the wall (at the time of writing, there were more than 81,000 comments on the Facebook post).

At one point, that hashtag had climbed to at least the No. 2 trending topic worldwide.
Victory Wall

Modi's "Victory Wall" is an extension of his personal website.
The huge response on the wall is not surprising; Modi won by a landslide and has a huge social presence. He has more than 4 million followers on Twitter, more than 14 million Likes on Facebook, tweets almost daily and into the campaign selfies.

Modi's victory made a huge statement about the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Indian National Congress has controlled the nation's lower house of parliament for the vast majority of time since India became independent in 1947, but an increasing disdain for political corruption and Modi's record of increasing economic opportunity for the middle class as the chief elected official in the northwestern state of Gujarat have catapulted him to the head of the country.
Despite Modi's resounding victory, many in India and abroad are wary of the nation's new leader. Modi is an unabashed Hindu nationalist in a nation that is 14% Muslim. In 2002, religious riots in the state left 2,500 people dead, most of them Muslim, and charges that Modi did little to prevent the deaths follow him to this day.
Victory Wall 2

Modi's campaign has had a marked social media component that has helped him attract young voters.
For now, the detractors have been swept away by the ease of Modi's victory. During a victory speech in Vadodara, Gujarat, on Friday, he delivered a message that many in India have waited years to hear.
“Brothers and sisters, you have faith in me, and I have faith in you,” Modi said, according to the New York Times.  “We have the capacity to fulfill the common man’s aspirations.”

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