If Idina Menzel Hadn't Auditioned For 'Rent'


We've all wondered how different our lives would be if we had changed one small decision in our past. What if you had chosen to go to a different school? What if you had walked down Sixth Avenue instead of Fifth on your way to the bookstore, and hadn't bumped into that old friend? What would've happened in an alternate reality if a key event in your life went a different way?
Broadway’s new contemporary musical If/Then explores the meaningful consequences of even the smallest decisions and actions in our lives.
We want to hear the stories of your roads, taken or not taken. We want to know what events got you to where you are today. If/Then star and world-renowned Broadway actress Idina Menzel shares her own in the video below.
"If I had not auditioned for a little off-Broadway show called Rent, then I would not be in If/Then today
"If I had not auditioned for a little off-Broadway show calledRent, then I would not be in If/Then today," she says.

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